An approach on the migratory processes in the north of Chile based on Y chromosome analysis

Reyes-Madrid, Margarita; Flores-Alvarado, Sandra; Pezo-Valderrama, Patricio; Orellana-Soto, Michael; Apata, Mario; Moraga, Mauricio; Pierre, Michelle de Saint


Objectives Northern Chile is an area characterized by a complex cultural and demographic trajectory. During the last few centuries, this complex trajectory has become the destination of intra- and intercontinental migratory waves. In this study, we analyzed the Y chromosome to evaluate how migratory and admixture patterns have affected the genetic composition of the populations in northern Chile compared with other populations of the country. Methods A total of 311 people from urban (Antofagasta and Calama), rural (Azapa and Camarones), and Native (Aymara and Atacameno) populations from northern Chile were characterized by 26 SNPs and the STR DYS393 of the Y chromosome, along with 69 individuals from Native populations (Mapuche, Pehuenche, and Huilliche) from southern Chile. In addition to characterizing the paternal lineages, multivariate analyses were performed to compare with published data from other Chilean populations. Results Both the Antofagasta and Calama populations show differences compared with the rest of the Chilean population. On one side, Antofagasta shows a high diversity of non-Amerindian lineages, including the highest value for haplogroup I (12%) for all Chileans populations. Otherwise, Calama has the highest value of any Chilean urban population (31.9%) for Amerindian lineages, including the only Q-M3 sub-lineage detected in the entire sample. Regarding the Native population, Aymara presents the highest percentage of Q-M3 (94.4%). Conclusions The Y chromosome haplogroup distribution allowed us to identify recent migratory processes typical of the northern populations studied. These have shaped the demographic and cultural dynamics of local and migrant groups in the territory.

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Título según WOS: An approach on the migratory processes in the north of Chile based on Y chromosome analysis
Volumen: 34
Número: 7
Editorial: Wiley
Fecha de publicación: 2022


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