Enhanced Efficiency at Maximum Power in a Fock-Darwin Model Quantum Dot Engine

Pena, Francisco J.; Myers, Nathan M.; Ordenes, Daniel; Albarran-Arriagada, Francisco; Vargas, Patricio


We study the performance of an endoreversible magnetic Otto cycle with a working substance composed of a single quantum dot described using the well-known Fock-Darwin model. We find that tuning the intensity of the parabolic trap (geometrical confinement) impacts the proposed cycle's performance, quantified by the power, work, efficiency, and parameter region where the cycle operates as an engine. We demonstrate that a parameter region exists where the efficiency at maximum output power exceeds the Curzon-Ahlborn efficiency, the efficiency at maximum power achieved by a classical working substance.

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Volumen: 25
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Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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