Application of risk management system (GRDR) on Chilean tunnels la Pólvora and Subway Line 3 Santiago

Valenzuela Saavedra, Matías; Peña Fritz, Álvaro; Garrido, Christopher; Castro, Rubén; Moraga, Paola; Álvarez, Flavio

Keywords: Hazard, Regional Disaster Risk Management, Risk, Threat sheets, Vulnerability


During last 5 years, the Ministry of Public Works and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso are developing a Risk Management System applied in several road infrastructures called GRDR. This methodology is focus on the inspection on: 1. Structures in order to identify the vulnerability; 2. environmental conditions with the aim to identify the exposure and hazard. The relations between these indexes use an algorithm to apply the weight on the parameters. Currently, the deterministics inspection use a comprehensive management program provides an index of vulnerability (Performance indicators) in structures as bridges and pavements. But it is not included the hazard or exposure index. This paper delivers the first index of hazards and exposure related with seismic, flooding and fire threat applied on the Risk Management System (GRDR), with an implementation on two main Chilean structures, namely: La Pólvora Tunnel T3, a medium long span structure, located at the Region Valparaiso, in the maritime and urban area exposed in the last years an earthquakes and fire hazards, and Subway Line 3, located in Santiago, the new station in service during 2018 with a high users and hazard by earthquake and flooding

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