UAV: First Chilean Proposal of use on Road Bridge Inspections

Valenzuela Saavedra, Matías; Peña Fritz, Álvaro; Valenzuela, N; Torres D.; Márquez M.


Routine inspections of traditional bridges in Chile use the Maintenance Management and GRDR programs for their conservation and risk assessment, respectively. In order to do this, visual inspections or nondestructive tests are done by professionals, supported by survey trucks if the inspection zone has a difficult access. With the development of new technologies, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) utilization has been proposed for the inspection of bridges in Chile, which is already being used in the mining industry and the inspection of roads and hydraulic works. This document explains the current regulations, advantages, and requirements for the use of UAVs in Chile, focusing on their implementation in the inspections of bridges in Chile. This study presents the first experiences in the use of this technology following maintenance and risk analysis programs, and offers a comprehensive protocol for the standardization in the use of this technology.