A Model for the Flow Distribution in Dual Cell Density Monoliths

Reinao, Consuelo; Cornejo, Ivan


Monoliths are promising as catalytic structured supports due to their many operational advantages. Compared to pellets, monoliths offer low backpressure and good heat distribution, even at high flow rates. There is interest in the industry for improving temperature control in highly exothermic systems, such as the catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 for e-fuels synthesis. In this context, novel substrate shapes, such as non-homogeneous cell density monoliths, show good potential; however, to date, they have only been sparsely described. This work focuses on a dual cell density substrate and uses a computational model of a straight-channel monolith with two concentric regions to analyze its flow distribution. The central (core) and peripheral (ring) regions of the substrate differ in cell density in order to obtain a non-homogeneous cross-section. The model is validated against classical data in the literature and theoretical equations. Then, the flow fraction passing through each region of the substrate is registered. Several flow rates, core sizes and combinations of apparent permeabilities are tested. According to the results, the flow distribution depends only on the monolith geometrical features and not on the flow rate. A model for this phenomenon is proposed. The model accurately predicted the flow fraction passing through each region of the monolith for all the cases analyzed.

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Volumen: 11
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Fecha de publicación: 2023


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