OurRank: A Software Requirements Prioritization Method Based on Qualitative Assessment and Cost-Benefit Prediction

Rojas, Luis; Olivares-Rodriguez, Cristian; Alvarez, Claudio; Campos, Pedro G.


Requirements prioritization is an activity aimed at determining the essential requirements to include in a software release. Although there are several prioritization methods to systematize this task, there are still unresolved challenges. Existing methods do not guarantee that requirements prioritization meets stakeholder expectations and goals. This is because most prioritization methods operate by considering only quantitative information, making it difficult to formally capture stakeholder interests and perspectives that can rather be made explicit in qualitative terms. Likewise, methods including qualitative information only consider elements associated with benefit estimation, that is, positive aspects of the project, but neglect costs or negative aspects. As a result, the prioritization process is driven by a partial view of constraints. Such methods also fail at capturing and combining expert knowledge that decision-makers can bring into the decision-making process. In this research, we propose a novel method for software requirements prioritization, which facilitates incorporating experts' qualitative assessment at the outset of the prioritization process and considers both benefit and cost constraints. Details of the method are presented, together with a case study describing a real application scenario. Recommendations and guidelines regarding the application of the method are proposed based on the results of the case study.

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Volumen: 10
Fecha de publicación: 2022
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