MatHaz: a Matlab code to assist with probabilistic spatio-temporal volcanic hazard assessment in distributed volcanic fields

Bertin, D.; Lindsay, J. M.; Becerril, L.; Cronin S.; Bertin, L

Keywords: matlab, Spatial probability analysis, Temporal probability analysis, Probabilistic volcanic hazard assessment, Integrated volcanic hazard map


This paper introduces an open source computer code to perform an integrated probabilistic spatio-temporal volcanic hazard assessment in distributed volcanic fields. The program, named MatHaz, is a set of Matlab scripts that follows a sequential methodology. After the user has provided a set of input files, this tool first estimates the spatial probability of future volcanic vents, then the temporal probability of future volcanic events, and finally models up to five volcanic phenomena (pyroclastic density currents, ballistic projectiles, lava flows, lahars, and tephra fallout) following a probabilistic approach. These results can be combined and depicted as an integrated quantitative (and/or qualitative) volcanic hazard map, with weightings of hazard factors chosen by the user. We illustrate the use of this tool by applying it to the Carrán-Los Venados Volcanic Field in southern Chile. The open-source, replicable, and user-friendly nature of the code allows its application to any volcanic region of the world, regardless of its extent, type, and amount of volcano-structural data.

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Número: 4
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Idioma: English