Barriers and facilitators of physical activity in adults with severe haemophilia: A qualitative study

Cotino, Claudia; Perez-Alenda, Sofia; Cruz-Montecinos, Carlos; Lopez-Bueno, Ruben; Nunez-Cortes, Rodrigo; Suso-Marti, Luis; Mendez-Rebolledo, Guillermo; Andersen, Lars Louis; Casana, Jose; Calatayud, Joaquin


BackgroundPeople with haemophilia (PWH) tend to be less physically active than the general population, but there is a lack of research on the specific barriers and facilitators affecting their participation in physical activities. ObjectivesThis study aims to explore perceived barriers and facilitators to physical activity in severe PWH. DesignAn explorative qualitative study based on focus groups. MethodsFour focus groups including 16 participants (severe haemophilia A patients) were conducted to examine the factors perceived as facilitators or barriers to haemophiliacs engaging in physical activity. One researcher conducted a thematic analysis of all data. ResultsThree themes were identified: body function, personal factors, and environmental factors. Key facilitators identified were access to prophylaxis treatment to reduce the risk of bleeding(s), the enjoyability of physical activity, fitness and health motives, social interaction, support, and low cost. PWH faced additional barriers to being physically active including hurtful joints, mobility issues, haemophilic arthropathy, dislike or disinterest, lack of motivation, fear of injury, tiredness, lack of time, lack of guidance, negative social influence, restriction, and lack of coordination of prophylaxis treatment. ConclusionThis exploratory study demonstrated that participation in physical activity in PWH is influenced not only by their own abilities and attitudes, but also by external variables, including family, friends, healthcare professionals, structures, and communities. The results of this study may be used to assist caregivers and health professionals, inform programs, interventions, and policies to promote physical activity and health in severe PWH.

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