Effectiveness of adding pain neuroscience education to telerehabilitation in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome: A randomized controlled trial

Nunez-Cortes, Rodrigo; Cruz-Montecinos, Carlos; Torreblanca-Vargas, Serghio; Tapia, Claudio; Gutierrez-Jimenez, Miguel; Torres-Gangas, Pablo; Calatayud, Joaquin; Perez-Alenda, Sofia


Background: Previous studies have shown positive results of pain neuroscience education (PNE) combined with exercise in patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. However, the effects of this intervention in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) admitted to a telerehabilitation program remain unexplored.Objective: To compare the effectiveness of a 6-week telerehabilitation program based on PNE + exercise versus exercise alone on patient-reported outcomes after treatment and at 6-weeks post-treatment follow-up in patients with CTS awaiting surgery.Design: Randomized controlled trial.Methods: Thirty participants were randomly assigned to the PNE + exercise or exercise-only group. Outcome measures included pain intensity, pain catastrophizing, kinesiophobia, symptom severity, function, symptoms of anxiety and depression, quality of life, self-perception of improvement. Inferential analyses of the data were performed using a two-factor mixed analysis of variance.Results: Twenty-five participants completed the study. A significant time x group interaction with a large effect size was observed for kinesiophobia (F = 6.67, p = 0.005, ?p(2) = 0.225) and symptom severity (F = 4.82, p = 0.013, ?p(2) = 0.173). No significant interaction was observed for the other variables (p > 0.05). A significant difference in self-perceived improvement was observed in favor of the PNE + exercise group after treatment (p 0.05). Although there were significant and clinically relevant improvements within the PNE + exercise group in pain intensity and catastrophizing, there were no significant differences between the groups.Conclusions: The addition of PNE to a telerehabilitation exercise program showed short-term improvements in kinesiophobia and symptom severity and greater self-perceived improvement in patients with CTS awaiting surgery. This study highlighted the benefits of including PNE in telerehabilitation interventions for patients with CTS.

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Volumen: 67
Editorial: Elsevier
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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