CoREST represses the heat shock response mediated by HSF1

Gomez, AV; Galleguillos D; Maass JC; Battaglioli, E; Kukuljan M.; Andres, ME


The stress response in cells involves a rapid and transient transcriptional activation of stress genes. It has been shown that Hsp70 limits its own transcriptional activation functioning as a corepressor of heat shock factor 1 (HSF1) during the attenuation of the stress response. Here we show that the transcriptional corepressor CoREST interacts with Hsp70. Through this interaction, CoREST represses both HSF1-dependent and heat shock-dependent transcriptional activation of the hsp70 promoter. In cells expressing short hairpin RNAs directed against CoREST, Hsp70 cannot repress HSF1-dependent transcription. A reduction of CoREST levels also provoked a significant increase of Hsp70 protein levels and an increase of HSF1-dependent transactivation of hsp70 promoter. Via chromatin immunoprecipitation assays we show that CoREST is bound to the hsp70 gene promoter under basal conditions and that its binding increases during heat shock response. In conclusion, we demonstrated that CoREST is a key regulator of the heat shock stress response. © 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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