Exploring the relationship between capillary refill time, skin blood flow and microcirculatory reactivity during early resuscitation of patients with septic shock: a pilot study

Contreras, Roberto; Hernandez, Glenn; Daniel Valenzuela, Emilio; Gonzalez, Cecilia; Ulloa, Rodrigo; Soto, Dagoberto; Castro, Ricardo; Guzman, Camila; Oviedo, Vanessa; Alegria, Leyla; Vidal, Diego; Morales, Sebastian; Adolfo Ospina-Tascon, Gustavo; Bakker, Jan; Kattan, Eduardo


Capillary refill time (CRT), a costless and widely available tool, has emerged as a promising target to guide septic shock resuscitation. However, it has yet to gain universal acceptance due to its potential inter-observer variability. Standardization of CRT assessment may minimize this problem, but few studies have compared this approach with techniques that directly assess skin blood flow (SBF). Our objective was to determine if an abnormal CRT is associated with impaired SBF and microvascular reactivity in early septic shock patients. Twelve septic shock patients were subjected to multimodal perfusion and hemodynamic monitoring for 24 h. Three time-points (0, 1, and 24 h) were registered for each patient. SBF was measured by laser doppler. We performed a baseline SBF measurement and two microvascular reactivity tests: one with a thermal challenge at 44 DEG;C and other with a vascular occlusion test. Ten healthy volunteers were evaluated to obtain reference values. The patients (median age 70 years) exhibited a 28-day mortality of 50%. Baseline CRT was 3.3 [2.7-7.3] seconds. In pooled data analysis, abnormal CRT presented a significantly lower SBF when compared to normal CRT [44 (13.3-80.3) vs 193.2 (99.4-285) APU, p = 0.0001]. CRT was strongly associated with SBF (R-2 0.76, p 0.0001). An abnormal CRT also was associated with impaired thermal challenge and vascular occlusion tests. Abnormal CRT values observed during early septic shock resuscitation are associated with impaired skin blood flow, and abnormal skin microvascular reactivity. Future studies should confirm these results.

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Fecha de publicación: 2022


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