Remote, asynchronous training and feedback enables development of neurodynamic skills in physiotherapy students

Villagran, Ignacio; Rammsy, Francisca; Del Valle, Javiera; de las Heras, Sofia Gregorio; Pozo, Liliana; Garcia, Patricio; Torres, Gustavo; Varas, Julian; Mandrusiak, Allison; Corvetto, Marcia; Fuentes-Cimma, Javiera


BackgroundDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face teaching and learning of physiotherapy practical skills was limited. Asynchronous, remote training has been effective in development of clinical skills in some health professions. This study aimed to determine the effect of remote, asynchronous training and feedback on development of neurodynamic skills in physiotherapy students.MethodsLongitudinal repeated measurements study, across four training sessions. Participants engaged in a remote training program for development of upper limb neurodynamic techniques. In this sequential training, participants viewed the online tutorial, practiced independently, and uploaded a video of their performance for formative assessment and feedback from a trained instructor via a checklist and rubric.ResultsIntra-subject analyses of 60 third-year physiotherapy students showed that the target standard of performance, with no further significant change in scores, was attained following session 2 for the checklist and session 3 for the rubric. This shows that two sessions are required to learn the procedures, and three sessions yield further improvements in performance quality.ConclusionThe remote, asynchronous training and feedback model proved to be an effective strategy for students' development of neurodynamic testing skills and forms a viable alternative to in-person training. This study contributes to the future of acquiring physiotherapy clinical competencies when distance or hybrid practice is required.

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Título de la Revista: BMC MEDICAL EDUCATION
Volumen: 23
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Editorial: BMC
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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