Psychometric analysis and Validity of Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale in undergraduate Chilean nurses Análisis psicométrico y validez de la Escala de Disposición al Aprendizaje Interprofesional en estudiantes de enfermería en Chile

Irarrázabal, Lisette; Förster, Carla E.; Villagran, Ignacio; Araya, Silvia Barrios; Carrasco, Paola


© 2022, Enfermeria Global. All Rights Reserved.Introduction: Interprofessional education offers health students an opportunity to learn, practice, and improve communication and collaboration skills through learning experiences with other professions. It is important to determine their willingness to actively engage with other students in their learning process, which is assessed through the Readiness for Interprofessional Learning scale, one of the most widely used internationally. The objective was to adapt and validate the Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale to Spanish among nursing students. Method: The study design was cross-sectional quantitative, with a sample of 330 nursing students of different years. Cronbach's Alpha and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis were performed. Results: The original scale had 23 items, only 16 met the validity and reliability criteria. The 16 items are distributed in the dimensions: Teamwork and collaboration (T: 10 items), Patient Centered Work (EP: 4 items) and Professional identity (PI: 2 items). Cronbach's alpha index for the full scale was 0.8259 (CyTE α=0.81; PC α= 0.77 and PI α=0.61). Conclusion: the RIPL scale validated in this study has adequate reliability and validity for the dimensions Teamwork and collaboration and Patient Centered Work. Elaboration of new items are required for Professional Identity

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