Three planned experiences of environmental education in rural sectors of southern Chile

Muñoz-Pedreros A.; J Pantoja; X Morandé; P Möller J Morales; J Morales

Keywords: environmental education, methodologies, Chile., planned programs, rural zones


Environmental education (EA) must be carried out according to a permanent program, and must be an inspiring source for other cultural and educational subjects to be oriented in an “environmentalist” line. In Chile, EE has developed, since the 1970s, slowly and without linking three relevant actors: the state, universities, and non-governmental organizations. We implement an EA program across other programs (e.g., rural development, wetland management, biodiversity, and biological pest control) and its objectives are: (a) to develop applied research in the field of EE, (b) produce teaching materials and (c) develop formal and non-formal training in EE. The objective of this work is to present three planned experiences of environmental education since 1991 in different ecosystems and different social actors in Chile.

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Título de la Revista: AMBIENTE AND SOCIEDADE
Volumen: 26
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Idioma: Inglés