Adoption of Cybersecurity in the Chilean Manufacturing Sector: A First Analytical Proposal

Gatica-Neira, Francisco; Galdames-Sepulveda, Patricio; Ramos-Maldonado, Mario


This paper focuses on adopting cybersecurity procedures in Chilean manufacturing companies in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution's data-driven demands, which have exposed vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. This analysis is based on data from the Fifth Longitudinal Survey of Companies - ELE 5 - conducted by the National Institute of Statistics. Using the TOE adoption model, we employ binary and ordered Logit and Probit models with data from 574 companies and 17 explanatory variables. The objective is to gain insight into the factors influencing the adoption of cybersecurity processes, complementing the existing literature, which often focuses on developing specific technologies or conducting comprehensive analyses of digital transformation. The study highlights the significance of company size in explaining the adoption of cybersecurity procedures and reveals the relevance of explanatory variables as the depth of adoption increases. The findings underscore the need for public policies that facilitate the implementation of existing regulations, such as ISO 27.001, particularly for small companies. Additionally, the study emphasizes the importance of fostering a "culture of cybersecurity" across different sectors of society.

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