Wind Turbine Emulators-A Review

Rajendran, Saravanakumar; DIAZ-DIAZ, MATIAS DAVID; Devi, V. S. Kirthika; Jena, Debashisha; Travieso-Torres, Juan Carlos; Rodriguez, Jose


Renewable energy sources have become a significant alternative energy source due to the continuing depletion of conventional energy sources and fluctuation in fuel costs. Currently, wind energy is the foremost among all other renewable energy sources. However, modeling and analyzing industrial wind turbines is complex as the wind turbine power ratio and size have steadily increased. Undoubtedly, industrial wind turbines are huge and challenging to keep in research labs; simultaneously, exploring the controller/power converter performance is practically impossible. Therefore, to overcome the above drawbacks, wind turbine emulators have been developed to achieve the static and dynamic characteristics of wind energy conversion systems. This paper aims to present a comprehensive review of the different wind turbine emulators available in the literature. In addition, the implementation of real-time emulators is classified according to the structure and approaches. Furthermore, an extensive analysis of the emulators was presented based on the significant parameters utilized for the real-time wind turbine emulators. Finally, this review analyzes the different emulator topologies according to cost, accuracy, complexity, and hardware implementation.

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Fecha de publicación: 2023