Comparison of two strains of the edible cyanobacteria <i>Arthrospira</i>: Biochemical characterization and antioxidant properties

Lopez-Rodriguez, Ariadna; Mayorga, Jaen; Flaig, David; Fuentes, Glenda; Cotabarren, Juliana; David Obregon, Walter; Obregón, Walter David; Gomez, Patricia


Arthrospira is a cyanobacteria broadly cultivated worldwide due to its high nutritional value, metabolites with therapeutic properties, non-toxic character and easy culture. The genus Arthrospira has been historically confused with the genus Spirulina (with potential toxicity) therefore, an accurate taxonomic identification of strains for food applications, is essential. In this study we compared two strains of Arthrospira with remarkable morphological differences, preliminary classified as Arthrospira maxima (CCM-UdeC 040) and Arthrospira platensis (CCM-UdeC 136). Despite of their morphological differences, we confirmed that both strains belong to the same genetic species, according to their ribosomal ITS (internal transcribed spacer) sequences. We also compared the biochemical composition of both strains, including analysis of antioxidant properties of their aqueous protein extracts, both crude, as well as, hydrolyzed with commercial proteases. Biotechnological potential of these strains as raw material for nutraceutical and functional food markets is discussed. Strain CCM-UdeC 040 showed the highest biotechnological potential so further studies should be conducted for optimizing its culture conditions.

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Título de la Revista: Food Bioscience
Volumen: 42
Fecha de publicación: 2021