Feasibility of Using Shear Wave Ultrasonic Probes as Pump-Wave Sources in Concrete Microcrack Detection and Monitoring by Nonlinear Ultrasonic Coda Wave Interferometry

Aguirre Donoso, B.; Donoso, Belfor A.Galaz; Avudaiappan, Siva; Flores, Erick I. Saavedra


This paper represents a first attempt to study the feasibility of using shear wave (SW) ultrasonic probes as pump-wave sources in concrete microcrack detection and monitoring by Nonlinear Ultrasonic Coda Wave Interferometry (NCWI). The premise behind our study is that the nonlinear elastic hysteretic behavior at microcracks may depend on their orientation with respect to the stationary wave-field induced by the pump-wave source. In this context, the use of a SW probe as a pump-wave source may induce the nonlinear elastic behavior of microcracks oriented in directions not typically detected by a conventional longitudinal pump-wave source. To date, this premise is hard to address by current experimental and numerical methods, however, the feasibility of using SW probes as a pump-wave source can be experimentally tested. This idea is the main focus of the present work. Under laboratory conditions, we exploit the high sensitivity of the CWI technique to capture the transient weakening behaviour induced by the SW pump-wave source in concrete samples subjected to loading and unloading cycles. Our results show that after reaching a load level of 40% of the ultimate stress, the material weakening increases as a consequence of microcrack proliferation, which is consistent with previous studies. Despite the lack of exhaustive experimental studies, we believe that our work is the first step in the formulation of strategies that involve an appropriate selection and placement of pump-wave sources to improve the NCWI technique. These improvements may be relevant to convert the NCWI technique into a more suitable non-destructive testing technique for the inspection of microcracking evolution in concrete structures and the assessment of their structural integrity.

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