Production processes for LiOH – A review

Dahlkamp J. Matthias, Quintero Celso,Videla Alvaro, Rojas Rene

Keywords: LiOH production Electrochemical Precipitation Separation Purification


Lithium hydroxide is currently a fundamental inorganic compound to produce Li-Ion batteries and therefore a key element in supporting the transition to electromobility. The essential need for large amounts of high purity LiOH materials makes it necessary for the industry to comply. This review provides a structured overview of the LiOH production processes over the last few decades. It presents methods, which are published in scientific journals, as well as in patents. The production methods are discussed in four main categories: electrochemical syntheses, precipitation reactions and recent developments like the selective Li+ extraction and waste recycling to obtain LiOH. This review also discusses the current industrial routes for LiOH production and shows the most important examples of each process in detail, providing valuable information for further development and enhancement of LiOH production methods in the future.

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Fecha de publicación: 2024
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