Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment Tools for Sustainable Cities and Communities, a Literature Review—New Trends for New Requirements

Pulgar Rubilar, Pablo; Jordán Vidal, Manuel M.; Blanco Fernández, David; Osorio Ramirez, Marisol; Perillán Torres, Luis; Lizana Vial, Marcela; Lobos Calquin, Danny; Pardo Fabregat, Francisco; Navarro Pedreño, Jose


The aim of this documentary review was to determine the level of scientific production on environmental analysis tools and certifications for sustainable cities and communities, or “Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment Tools”, worldwide between the years 2016 and 2023, considering as a precedent the appearance of the SDG 2030 and SDG 11. The analysis developed in this work was carried out based on WoS, Scopus and ScienceDirect. The eligibility of the results of 685 potential articles, in addition to complementary articles, was evaluated, leading to 27 selected reviews. Our analysis revealed the main and most recent results post implementation of sustainability measures, identifying limitations, success factors, trends and forecasts for the future selection, development or improvement of evaluation tools for the sustainability of human sites and describing strategies specific to local realities, which are valid from a global point of view but include the particularities of distinct communities in specific places.

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