Vibro-Acoustic Sensing of Instrument Interactions as a Potential Source of Texture-Related Information in Robotic Palpation

Suehn, Thomas; Esmaeili, Nazila; Mattepu, Sandeep Y.; Spiller, Moritz; Boese, Axel; Urrutia, Robin; Poblete, Victor; Hansen, Christian; Lohmann, Christoph H.; Illanes, Alfredo; Friebe, Michael


The direct tactile assessment of surface textures during palpation is an essential component of open surgery that is impeded in minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery. When indirectly palpating with a surgical instrument, the structural vibrations from this interaction contain tactile information that can be extracted and analysed. This study investigates the influence of the parameters contact angle a and velocity v? on the vibro-acoustic signals from this indirect palpation. A 7-DOF robotic arm, a standard surgical instrument, and a vibration measurement system were used to palpate three different materials with varying a and v?. The signals were processed based on continuous wavelet transformation. They showed material-specific signatures in the time-frequency domain that retained their general characteristic for varying a and v?. Energy-related and statistical features were extracted, and supervised classification was performed, where the testing data comprised only signals acquired with different palpation parameters than for training data. The classifiers support vector machine and k-nearest neighbours provided 99.67% and 96.00% accuracy for the differentiation of the materials. The results indicate the robustness of the features against variations in the palpation parameters. This is a prerequisite for an application in minimally invasive surgery but needs to be confirmed in realistic experiments with biological tissues.

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Volumen: 23
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Fecha de publicación: 2023


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