(CO)-C-12(3-2) emission in spiral galaxies: Warm molecular gas in action?

Galaz G.; Cortes P.; Bronfman, L.; Rubio M.


Using the APEX submillimeter telescope we have investigated the 12CO(3-2) emission in five face-on nearby barred spiral galaxies, where three of them are high surface brightness galaxies (HSBs) lying at the Freeman limit, and two are low surface brightness galaxies (LSBs). We have positive detections for two of three HSB spirals and nondetections for the LSBs. For the galaxies with positive detection (NGC 0521 and PGC 070519), the emission is confined to their bulges, with velocity dispersions of ∼90 and ∼73 km s-1 and integrated intensities of 1.20 and 0.76 K km s-1, respectively. For the nondetections, the estimated upper limit for the integrated intensity is ∼0.54 K km s-1. With these figures we estimate the H2 masses as well as the atomic-to-molecular mass ratios. Although all the galaxies are barred, we observe 12CO(3-2) emission only for galaxies with prominent bars. We speculate that bars could dynamically favor the 12CO(3-2) emission, as a second parameter after surface brightness. Therefore, secular evolution could play a major role in boosting collisional transitions of molecular gas, such as 12CO(3-2), especially in LSBs. © 2008. The American Astronomical Society. All right reserved.

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Título según WOS: (CO)-C-12(3-2) emission in spiral galaxies: Warm molecular gas in action?
Título según SCOPUS: 12Co(3-2) emission in spiral galaxies: Warm molecular gas in action?
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Editorial: American Astronomical Society
Fecha de publicación: 2008
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