The value of the context in the construction of Storytelling for tacit knowledge management in complex organizations

Córdova, F.M.; Montt, C.; Gutierrez, M.

Keywords: tacit knowledge, : Storytelling, Soft Systems, MSB


This study presents an analysis of the importance and value of the correct definition of the context in the construction of Storytelling, for its application in organizations, as well as a tool to manage knowledge within it. In addition, it describes the emergent property that occurs between the phenomenon or the facts that the subjects live together with the environment that surrounds it and the "butterfly effect" that produces a small change of the context in the expected results within the organizations, specifically in the tasks that are carried out by their members. Finally, we propose a way to treat the context of a Storytelling applying the methodology of soft systems, from the point of view of the actors, who are those who live the reality of the story and the readers, who face a situation like that told in the story, but in different contexts. The tour of its seven phases is made to face the problem of accurately identifying the real and perceived context in Storytelling and reaching a solution by the reader.

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Editorial: IFPR
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Año de Inicio/Término: 23-28 July 2023
Idioma: Inglés
Financiamiento/Sponsor: International Foundation of Production Research. Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.