PatagoniaMet: A multi-source hydrometeorological dataset for Western Patagonia

Aguayo, Rodrigo; Leon-Munoz, Jorge; Aguayo, Mauricio; Baez-Villanueva, Oscar Manuel; Zambrano-Bigiarini, Mauricio; Fernandez, Alfonso; Jacques-Coper, Martin


Western Patagonia (40-56 degrees S) is a clear example of how the systematic lack of publicly available data and poor quality control protocols have hindered further hydrometeorological studies. To address these limitations, we present PatagoniaMet (PMET), a compilation of ground-based hydrometeorological data (PMET-obs; 1950-2020), and a daily gridded product of precipitation and temperature (PMET-sim; 1980-2020). PMET-obs was developed considering a 4-step quality control process applied to 523 hydrometeorological time series obtained from eight institutions in Chile and Argentina. Following current guidelines for hydrological datasets, several climatic and geographic attributes were derived for each catchment. PMET-sim was developed using statistical bias correction procedures, spatial regression models and hydrological methods, and was compared against other bias-corrected alternatives using hydrological modelling. PMET-sim was able to achieve Kling-Gupta efficiencies greater than 0.7 in 72% of the catchments, while other alternatives exceeded this threshold in only 50% of the catchments. PatagoniaMet represents an important milestone in the availability of hydro-meteorological data that will facilitate new studies in one of the largest freshwater ecosystems in the world.

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Fecha de publicación: 2024


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