Improving Thermo-Energetic Consumption of Medical Center in Mexican Hot–Humid Climate Region: Case Study of San Francisco de Campeche, Mexico

May Tzuc, O.; Peña López, Gerardo; Huchin Miss, Mauricio; Andrade Durán, Juan; Chan González, Jorge; Lezama Zárraga, Francisco; Jiménez Torres, Mario

Keywords: tropical climate, energy efficiency, medical building, thermal restauration


An assessment of the thermal refurbishment of an outpatient medical center in a tropical location, such as the City of San Francisco de Campeche, was presented with the aim to diminish its energy consumption. A year-long energy audit of the facility was conducted to formulate and validate a numerical simulation model while scrutinizing enhancement strategies. The examined improvement alternatives encompass passive adjustments to the roof (utilizing insulating materials, applying reflective coatings, and installing a green roof), modifications to active systems incorporating inverter technology, and alterations to the walls via reflective paint. The outcomes of the simulated enhancement scenarios were assessed utilizing energy, environmental, and economic metrics: key performance index (KPI), equivalent CO2 emission index (CEI), and net savings (NS). These results were subsequently juxtaposed against TOPSIS decision-making algorithms to ascertain the alternative that optimally balances the three options. It was identified that using reflective paint on the roof provides the best energy benefits and contributes to mitigating emissions from electricity use. Furthermore, combining this passive technology with the integration of inverter air conditioning systems offers the best economic return at the end of 15 years. For its part, the TOPSIS method indicated that by prioritizing the financial aspect, the reflective coating on the roof combined with inverter air conditioning is enough. However, adding a wall with insulating paint brings environmental and energy benefits. The results of this work serve as a starting point for the analysis of other post-occupied buildings in the region and others under tropical climatic conditions.

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Fecha de publicación: 2023
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