New insights from GWAS on BMI-related growth traits in a longitudinal cohort of admixed children with Native American and European ancestry

Vicuna, Lucas; Barrientos, Esteban; Norambuena, Tomas; Alvares, Danilo; Gana, Juan Cristobal; Leiva-Yamaguchi, Valeria; MEZA, CRISTIAN; Santos, Jose L.; Mericq, Veronica; Pereira, Ana; Eyheramendy, Susana


Body-mass index (BMI) is a hallmark of adiposity. In contrast with adulthood, the genetic architecture of BMI during childhood is poorly understood. The few genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on children have been performed almost exclusively in Europeans and at single ages. We performed cross-sectional and longitudinal GWAS for BMI-related traits on 904 admixed children with mostly Mapuche Native American and European ancestries. We found regulatory variants of the immune gene HLA-DQB3 strongly associated with BMI at 1.5 - 2.5 years old. A variant in the sex-determining gene DMRT1 was associated with the age at adiposity rebound (Age-AR) in girls (P = 9.8 x 10(-9)). BMI was significantly higher in Mapuche than in Europeans between 5.5 and 16.5 years old. Finally, Age-AR was significantly lower (P = 0.004) by 1.94 years and BMI at AR was significantly higher (P = 0.04) by 1.2 kg/m(2), in Mapuche children compared with Europeans.

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Volumen: 26
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Fecha de publicación: 2023


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