Differential levels of anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific IgAs in saliva of household contacts with latent tuberculosis infection

Ruiz-Tagle, Cinthya; Naves, Rodrigo; Garcia, Patricia; Guenther, Anna; Schneiderhan-Marra, Nicole; Balcells, Maria Elvira


Introduction: Mucosal immunity is strongly elicited in early stages of many respiratory and enteric infections; however, its role in tuberculosis pathogenesis has been scarcely explored. We aimed to investigate Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) specific IgA levels in saliva in different stages of latent Tuberculosis Infection (TBI).Methodology: A multiplex bead-based Luminex immunoassay was developed to detect specific IgA against 12 highly immunogenic Mtb antigens. A prospective cohort of household contacts (>14 years) of pulmonary TB cases was established in Santiago, Chile. Contacts were classified as Mtb-infected or not depending on serial interferon-gamma release assay results. Saliva samples were collected and tested at baseline and at a 12-week follow-up.Results: Mtb-specific IgA was detectable at all visits in all participants (n = 168), including the "non-Mtb infected" (n = 64). Significantly higher median levels of IgA were found in the "Mtb infected" compared to the uninfected for anti-lipoarabinomannan (LAM) (110 vs. 84.8 arbitrary units (AU), p < 0.001), anti-PstS1 (117 vs. 83 AU, p < 0.001), anti-Cell Membrane Fraction (CMF) (140 vs. 103 AU, p < 0.001) and anti-Culture Filtrate Proteins (CFP) (median 125 vs. 96 AU, p < 0.001), respectively. Nonetheless, the discriminatory performance of these specific mucosal IgA for TBI diagnosis was low.Conclusion: Saliva holds Mtb-specific IgA against several antigens with increased levels for anti-LAM, anti-PstS1, anti-CMF and anti-CFP found in household contacts with an established TBI. The role of these mucosal antibodies in TB pathogenesis, and their kinetics in different stages of Mtb infection merits further exploring.

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Volumen: 10
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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