Critical care echocardiography in prone position patients during COVID-19 pandemic: a feasibility study

Ugalde, Diego; Nicolas Medel, Juan; Mercado, Pablo; Pairumani, Ronald; Eisen, Daniela; Petruska, Edward; Montoya, Jorge; Morales, Felipe; Araya, Carla; Daniel Valenzuela, Emilio


Purpose Critical care echocardiography is a fundamental tool in the hemodynamic evaluation of critically ill patients and prone position ventilation might limit its application. We aim to evaluate the feasibility of transthoracic echocardiography to assess different measurements performed in prone vs supine position in patients during COVID-19 pandemic to answer our research question: What is the feasibility of classic echocardiographic measurements in COVID-19 patients in prone position ventilation? Methods Patients with covid-19 admitted to ICUs in four academic hospitals with respiratory failure and on mechanical ventilation were evaluated with critical care echocardiography. The first ultrasound assessment was compared between prone and supine patients recording feasibility of several echocardiographic measurements, using Fisher's exact test complementing with Crombach's Alpha. Results 139 patients were included. Sixty-eight (49%) were evaluated in prone position and seventy one (51%) in supine position. Most variables were highly feasible, left ventricular volumes and ejection fraction were more possible to obtain in prone position, while cardiac output was in supine position. Tricuspid regurgitation was the least feasible overall measurement. Conclusion Prone position ultrasound achieved a high feasibility of measurements compared with supine ultrasound in critically ill patients with COVID-19 respiratory failure and on mechanical ventilation. Registration Post hoc analysis of Echo-COVID study (NTC04628195, registered November 13, 2020, retrospectively registered).

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Título según WOS: Critical care echocardiography in prone position patients during COVID-19 pandemic: a feasibility study
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Fecha de publicación: 2022
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