Benefits of physical activity self-monitoring in patients with haemophilia: a prospective study with one-year follow-up

Perez-Alenda, Sofia; Carrasco, Juan J.; Querol-Fuentes, Felipe; Megias-Vericat, Juan Eduardo; Querol-Giner, Felipe; Luz Sanchez-Sanchez, Maria; Bonanad, Santiago; Nunez-Cortes, Rodrigo


IntroductionActivity wristbands have been shown to be effective in relation to self-monitoring activity levels and increasing exercise adherence. However, previous reports have been based on short-term follow-ups in people with haemophilia (PWH). Aim(1) To evaluate compliance with physical activity (PA) recommendations in PWH during a 1-year follow-up period using activity wristbands to record daily steps and intensity; (2) To determine the effect of PA self-monitoring on clinical outcomes. MethodsA prospective observational study was conducted in 27 adults with severe haemophilia undergoing prophylactic treatment. The Fitbit Charge HR was used to track daily PA for an entire year. The participants were encouraged to try to reach a goal of 10,000 steps/day and to track their progress. The pre- and post-evaluation included quality of life (A36 Hemophilia-QoL Questionnaire), joint health (Haemophilia Joint Health Score), functionality (Timed Up and Go test), and muscle strength. ResultsA total of 323.63 (95%CI: 194-364) valid days (i.e., > 2000 steps) were recorded. The annual average number of steps per day taken by participants was 10,379. Sixteen (59%) PWH reached 10,000 steps/day at baseline and 17 (63%) at 1 year follow-up, with no significant differences (x(2) = .33; p = .56). A statistically significant improvement was observed in daily moderate activity time (p = .012) and in the 'physical health' quality of life subscale (mean difference: 2.15 points; 95%CI: .64-3.65; p = .007). ConclusionOur results suggest that patients with severe haemophilia who self-managed their PA can improve their long-term quality of life in the domain of physical health and also the daily time spent in moderate-intensity PA.

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