Physical and emotional sequelae after hospitalization for COVID-19

Nunez-Cortes, Rodrigo; Leyton-Quezada, Felipe; Belen Pino, Maria; Costa-Costa, Marina; Torres-Castro, Rodrigo


Background: Facing a severe life-threatening disease has physical and emotional consequences for patients. Aim: To evaluate the physical and emotional sequelae in patients who survived COVID-19 pneumonia. Material and Methods: This cross-sectional study collected data from post-COVID-19 pneumonia patients admitted to an outpatient follow-up program in a public hospital in Chile. One month after hospital discharge, the evaluation of physical capacity was carried out through the I-minute sit-to-stand test (1STST). In addition, the Clinical Frailty Scale (CFS) and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale were applied. Results: We included 70 patients aged 63 +/- 13 years ( 54% women). Eighty-five percent of the patients were able to execute the ISTST with an average of 20.6 +/- 4.8 repetitions. Forty-eight percent of the patients had a performance below the 2.5th percentile according to the reference values and 28% of patients had exertional desaturation. The CFS classified as mildly vulnerable or with some degree of frailty to 33% of patients. Twenty-five percent of the patients presented symptoms of depression and 33% of anxiety. Conclusions: Patients who survived COVID-19 have a decrease in physical capacity and a significant proportion of depression and anxiety one month after hospital discharge.

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Título según WOS: Physical and emotional sequelae after hospitalization for COVID-19
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