Innovative Use of Single-Use Face Mask Fibers for the Production of a Sustainable Cement Mortar

Avudaiappan, Siva; Cendoya, Patricio; Arunachalam, Krishna Prakash; Maureira-Carsalade, Nelson; Canales, Cristian; Amran, Mugahed; Parra, Pablo F.


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, biomedical waste management has overwhelmed both developed and developing nations. It is now a critical issue that has to be addressed with minimal possible adverse impact on the environment. This study introduced a technique of recycling face masks into polypropylene fibers for use in concrete. This proposed recycling process provides complete disinfection of contaminated clinical waste and offers the opportunity to transform the characteristics of an end product. Microfibers manufactured from recycled medical masks were subjected to testing. According to the results, polypropylene is the primary component of this research program. Two batches of concrete were made, one with the inclusion of masks as polypropylene fibers and another that performed as a control mix. The modified mortar was compared to the control mix in split tensile, flexure, compressive strength, and water absorption. Compressive strength was found to be improved by about 17%, and tensile strength to be increased by around 22% when mask fibers were incorporated. This research introduced a novel approach for disposing of waste masks and established the preliminary viability of upcycling trash face masks towards mortar concrete production.

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Volumen: 7
Número: 6
Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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