A High-Resolution LED Stimulator for Steady-State Visual Stimulation: Customizable, Affordable, and Open Source

Otero, Monica; Prieur-Coloma, Yunier; El-Deredy, Wael; Weinstein, Alejandro


Visually evoked steady-state potentials (SSVEPs) are neural responses elicited by visual stimuli oscillating at specific frequencies. In this study, we introduce a novel LED stimulator system explicitly designed for steady-state visual stimulation, offering precise control over visual stimulus parameters, including frequency resolution, luminance, and the ability to control the phase at the end of the stimulation. The LED stimulator provides a personalized, modular, and affordable option for experimental setups. Based on the Teensy 3.2 board, the stimulator utilizes direct digital synthesis and pulse width modulation techniques to control the LEDs. We validated its performance through four experiments: the first two measured LED light intensities directly, while the last two assessed the stimulator’s impact on EEG recordings. The results demonstrate that the stimulator can deliver a stimulus suitable for generating SSVEPs with the desired frequency and phase resolution. As an open source resource, we provide comprehensive documentation, including all necessary codes and electrical diagrams, which facilitates the system’s replication and adaptation for specific experimental requirements, enhancing its potential for widespread use in the field of neuroscience setups.

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