Los puntos cuánticos y el Premio Nobel de Química 2023

Muñoz, Eduardo


The 2023 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to 3 researchers, Alexei Ekimov, Luis Brus, and Moungi Bawendi, for their contributions to the discovery, characterization, and control of the production of quantum dots. Quantum dots are semiconductor nanostructures that exhibit quantum properties, i.e., size-dependent properties. According to these contributions to knowledge, since the mid-90s, these nanoparticles have had various technological applications, such as in the electronics and optics industry, as well as in medicine, production of substances, sensors, and energy conversion. , among others. This manuscript seeks to give a general look at quantum dots’ chemical and physical properties, the contributions of award-winning researchers in this field, and our own experience in using these particles for sensor purposes of reactive substances.

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