Effect of the incorporation of ashes from the Calbuco volcano on the porous function of an andosol

Martínez, Constanza; Valle, Susana; Dec, Dorota; Ivelic-Sáez, Jorge; Dorner, José; Clunes, John

Keywords: calbuco volcano, andosol, Hydraulic properties


Soils derived from volcanic ashes represent >60% of the arable land in Chile. Permanent volcanic activity makes seeking solutions for the management of volcanic material deposited after an eruption essential. The aim of this research was to evaluate how incorporating ashes from the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano affected the structure of a volcanic soil in southern Chile. Undisturbed soil samples were collected in 2022, under three field conditions: soils from which the ashes were entirely removed after the eruption (c), soils in which the ashes were incorporated (c/i) and soils on which the ashes remained on the surface (s/i). The pore-size distribution and the air conductivity were determined based on the water retention curve (WRC), the coefficient of linear extensibility (COLE), the pore shrinkage index (PSI) and the air permeability (Ka). Under c/i field conditions, an increase in total porosity (TP) of 5.57 and 3.48% was found when compared to the control and s/i field conditions, respectively. The highest volume of plant available water capacity (PAWC) was observed in the s/i field conditions, which increased by 65% compared to the other soil conditions. The incorporation of ash into the first 20 cm of depth did not guarantee an increase in usable water for plants; nonetheless, changes in structure did generate a redistribution in the pore size. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate how volcanic ash deposits and their incorporation affect soil physical properties under field conditions

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Título de la Revista: GEODERMA REGIONAL
Volumen: 36
Editorial: Elsevier
Fecha de publicación: 2024
Página de inicio: e00778
Idioma: ingles
URL: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geodrs.2024.e00778
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