Effect of presteaming on moisture loss and internal checking in high-temperature-dried boards of Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus regnans

Chafe S.C.; Ananias, R.A.

Keywords: temperature, moisture, wood, orientation, image, drying, heating, evaporation, grain, shrinkage, analysis, globulus, eucalyptus, checking, boards, internal, loss, Calculations, High, regnans, Presteaming, Wooden


The presteaming of green boards of Eucalyptus regnans at 100°C for 1,2,4 and 8 hours caused a reduction in drying rate during high-temperature drying; an increase in drying rate was observed for E. globulus when moisture loss was based on moisture content (M) before presteaming. However, when based on M after presteaming, no significant increase was evident. For boards of radial/intermediate grain orientation, a positive relationship between average evaporable moisture available (E) during drying and basic density showed density to be a negative influence on drying rate. Internal checking showed little reduction as a consequence of presteaming except in material of tangential grain orientation. This, and an increase in checking at shorter preheating times in material of radial/intermediate orientation, were consistent with results of earlier experiments examining the effect of preheating boards of E. regnans in water.

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Título de la Revista: Journal of the Institute of Wood Science
Volumen: 14
Número: 2
Editorial: Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
Fecha de publicación: 1996
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