Effect of culture conditions on spore shelf life of the biocontrol agent Trichoderma harzianum

Agosin, E; Volpe, D; Muñoz G.; San Martín R.; Crawford, A


The influence of pH, carbon:nitrogen (C:N) ratio, carbon content and harvesting time on spore attributes of the biocontrol agent Trichoderma harzianum was evaluated. The effect of these culture parameters on viability, shelf-life and ultrastucture was also assessed. pH was a key parameter to manipulate for both growth and sporulation, while carbon concentration and C:N ratio strongly affected spore production time. At fixed pH, the C:N ratio had a limited influence on production yield, but was critical for spore shelf-life. The highest spore longevity was found in a medium with a C:N ratio of 14 and a pH of 7.0, when most resulting spores were still alive after 45 d storage. These spores also remained viable during storage under a broad range of relative humidities, indicating that they would be more sustainable in the field.

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