Cristina Purcarea


Institute of Biology Bucharest

Bucarest, Rumania

Líneas de Investigación

Extremophiles microorganisms; Microbial diversity; Extremophiles and extremozymes


  •  Biochemistry, Politechnical Institute of Bucharest. Rumania, 1988
  •   Master in Enzymology, UNIVERSITE PARIS DAUPHINE - PARIS IX. Francia, 1991
  •  PhD in Enzymology, UNIVERSITE PARIS DAUPHINE - PARIS IX. Chile, 1995


Article (23)

Advances in the Detection of Dithiocarbamate Fungicides: Opportunities for Biosensors
Draft Genome Sequence of Antarctic Psychrotroph Streptomyces fildesensis Strain INACH3013, Isolated from King George Island Soil
Draft Genome Sequence of Flavobacterium sp. Strain PL002, Isolated from Antarctic Porphyra Algae
First report on antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial activity of bacterial isolates from 13,000-year old cave ice core
Flow injection enzymatic biosensor for aldehydes based on a Meldola Blue-Ni complex electrochemical mediator
Potential bacterial biomarkers for insect colonization in forensic cases: preliminary quantitative data on Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica and Ignatzschineria indica dynamics
Exploring the hydrolytic potential of cultured halophilic bacteria isolated from the Atacama Desert
Total and Potentially Active Bacteria Communities Entrapped in a Late Glacial Through Holocene Ice Core From Scarisoara Ice Cave, Romania
Bacterial and archaeal community structures in perennial cave ice
Carbon Nanofiber and Meldola Blue Based Electrochemical Sensor for NADH: Application to the Detection of Benzaldehyde
Characterization and microbial analysis of first recorded observation of Conicera similis Haliday (Diptera: Phoridae) in forensic decomposition study in Romania
Characterizing forensically important insect and microbial community colonization patterns in buried remains
Fungi in perennial ice from Scarisoara Ice Cave (Romania)
Temperature Influence on Prevailing Necrophagous Diptera and Bacterial Taxa With Forensic Implications for Postmortem Interval Estimation: A Review
Diversity of cultured bacteria from the perennial ice block of Scarisoara Ice Cave, Romania
Dynamics of Necrophagous Insect and Tissue Bacteria for Postmortem Interval Estimation During the Warm Season in Romania
Versatile SPR aptasensor for detection of lysozyme dimer in oligomeric and aggregated mixtures
Natural attenuation potential of selected hydrokarst systems in the Carpathian Mountains (Romania)
Using bacterial and necrophagous insect dynamics for post-mortem interval estimation during cold season: Novel case study in Romania
The Smallest Active Carbamoyl Phosphate Synthetase Was Identified in the Human Gut Archaeon Methanobrevibacter smithii
Dihydroorotase from the Hyperthermophile Aquifiex aeolicus Is Activated by Stoichiometric Association with Aspartate Transcarbamoylase and Forms a One-Pot Reactor for Pyrimidine Biosynthesis
The sole Serine/Threonine protein kinase and its cognate phosphatase from Aquifex aeolicus targets pyrimidine biosynthesis
The enzymes involved in synthesis and utilization of carbamylphosphate in the deep-sea tube worm Riftia pachyptila

Abstract (1)

Antarctic Flavobacterium aldehyde dehydrogenase - A cold-adapted catalyst for biosensing

BookSection (7)

xtremophile-assisted nanomaterial production and nanomaterial-based biosensing
Aspartate transcarbamoylase obtained from a psychrophilic bacterium (Rugamonas sp.) isolated from an Antarctic lake
Cold-active proteins from psychrophilic microorganisms
Microbial Life in Ice Caves
A new nanomaterial for the study of protein interactions" in "New Applications of Nanomaterials
Adaptari moleculare la temperaturi inalte
Aspartate transcarbamoylase from Pyrococcus abyssi

Proyecto (24)

Portable biosensor coupled with a sampling drone for the in situ assessment of seawater toxicity MOBILTOX
Innovative enzymatic coatings for electrochemical interfaces.
Selective extremozyme-based platform for aldehydes detection in air in a wide temperature range ALDSENS
Silymarin content enrichment for vegetal waste valorization in cold-pressed milk thistle oil technology SYMPLUS
Novel aldehyde dehydrogenase from Antarctic bacterium as highly efficient catalyst for low temperature biosensing and biotechnologies COLDSENSOR
Cave ice microbiom: metabolic diversity and activity in response to climate dynamics and anthropogenic pollution CAVICE
Microorganisms in warming Arctic environments
Dynamics of Escherichia coli population transformed to express archaeal heterologous protein S-layer
Bacterial growth quantification
Biodiversity and chronological distribution of microorganism in perennial ice deposits from Scărişoara Ice Cave, Romania
Microbial diversity and resilience within hydrothermal sulfurous deposits from Baile Herculane, Romania
Resilience of hydrothermal systems for anthropic and natural change: case study the sulfurous thermomineral deposits from Baile Herculane
Archaeal-mediated obesity control: enzymes of arginine and pyrimidine metabolism in Methanobrevibacter smithii as a target for regulating the nutrient uptake in the human gut.
Hyperthermophilic archaeal nitroreductases for biotechnological applications: cloning, bacterial expression and crystallization
Extremophilic microorganisms: molecular adaptations and bionanotechnological applications
Hybrid biotechnological procedure for used water purification with high ammonia content.
New microorganisms capable of active biopolymer synthesis using glycerol as substrate
Study of ammonia metabolism from intestinal archaea: evolution of carbamoyl phosphate synthetases and obesity control mechanisms
Biotechnologies for nutraceutical products with metabolic regulation effects
Mitochondrial disfunction in Alzheimer: identification of a new therapeutical agent targeting the beta-amyloid interaction site with pyruvate dehydrogenase
efolding chromatography for drug target protein construction
Thermal adaptation of pyrimidine enzymes from extremophilic archaea
loning of aspartate transcarbamoylase from hyperthermophilic Pyrococcus abyssi
Molecular studies of pyrimidine enzymes from hyperthermophilic archaea
Cristina Purcarea


Departament of Microbiology

Institute of Biology Bucharest

Bucarest, Rumania

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