Elizavieta Evgenievna Antonova SSA

Head of laboratory

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Moscow, Rusia

Líneas de Investigación

Plasma physics, physics of the magnetosphere of the Earth, current systems in the magnetosphere, magnetospheric storms and substorms, polar aurora, space satellite experiments


  •  Physics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Rusia, 1975
  •  Physics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Chile, 1972

Experiencia Académica

  •   professor Full Time

    Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (MSU SINP)


    Moscow, Rusia

    1974 - 2008

  •   Head of laboratory Full Time

    Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (MSU SINP)


    Moscow, Rusia

    2008 - A la fecha

Experiencia Profesional

  •   Head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Space Physics Full Time

    Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics Lomonosov Moscow State University

    Moscow, Rusia

    2008 - A la fecha

Formación de Capital Humano

Starting from 1982, E.E.Antonova gives the Graduate Lectures "Space plasma physics" for the students of the chair of Space Physic of the Physical Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. She published 3 books on this subject: "Space Plasma Physics", "Acceleration Mechanisms in Space", "Waves and Instabilities in Space Plasmas"

Advised the Following Ph.D. students:

M. Stepanova, N. Ganushkina, I. Ovchinnikov, S. Znatkova, K. Orlova, M. Pulinets, I. Kirpichev, V. Vovchenko, E. Ermakova, I. Vikhreva

Premios y Distinciones

  •   Anniversary award: 250 years of Moscow State University.


    Rusia, 2005

    For outstanding contribution in Science and Education

  •   Medal of K.E. Tsiolkovsky

    The Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia

    Rusia, 1997

    Medal of K.E. Tsiolkovsky is awarded for outstanding contribution to the study of near-Earth space.

  •   Medal of M.V. Keldysh

    The Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia

    Chile, 2003

    Medal of M.V. Keldysh is awarded for outstanding contribution in the development of Space Research


Article (91)

Comparison of the magnetic field before the subsolar magnetopause with the magnetic field in the solar wind before the bow shock
Comparison of the plasma pressure distributions over the equatorial plane and at low altitudes under magnetically quiet conditions
Dipole magnetic-field disturbance and generation of current systems by asymmetric plasma pressure
Estimation of the current density and analysis of the geometry of the current system surrounding the Earth
Plasma pressure distribution in the surrounding the Earth plasma ring and its role in the magnetospheric dynamics
Characteristics of plasma ring, surrounding the Earth at geocentric distances similar to 7-10R(E), and magnetospheric current systems
Determining the thickness of the low-latitude boundary layer in the Earth's magnetosphere
Dependence of magnetic field parameters at the subsolar point of the magnetosphere on the interplanetary magnetic field according to the data of the THEMIS experiment
Dependence of Volumes of Magnetic Flux Tubes on Plasma Pressure and Disturbance in the Magnetic Field in the Axially Symmetric Case
Enhanced energetic electron fluxes at the region of the auroral oval during quiet geomagnetic conditions November 2009
Magnetospheric Substorms and Discrete Arcs of the Polar Aurora
Estimation of the eddy-diffusion coefficients in the plasma sheet using THEMIS satellite data
Local particle traps in the high latitude magnetosphere and the acceleration of relativistic electrons
Modeling of the turbulent plasma sheet during quiet geomagnetic conditions
Pressure balance on the magnetopause near the subsolar point according to observational data of the THEMIS project satellites
Spatial distribution of the eddy diffusion coefficients in the plasma sheet during quiet time and substorms from THEMIS satellite data
Enhancements of fluxes of precipitating energetic electrons on the boundary of the outer radiation belt of the earth and position of the auroral oval boundaries
Nonlinear disturbance of the dipole field by an axisymmetric plasma distribution
Features of auroral breakup obtained using data of ground-based television observations: case study
High latitude magnetospheric topology and magnetospheric substorm
Precipitation of energetic electrons and Pi3 geomagnetic pulsations at polar latitudes
Spatial variation of eddy-diffusion coefficients in the turbulent plasma sheet during substorms
Topology of currents in the high-latitude magnetosphere and magnetospheric response to variations in solar wind parameters
Topology of the high latitude magnetosphere during large magnetic storms and the main mechanisms of relativistic electron acceleration
Fine structure of auroras during auroral breakup according to the ground-based and satellite observations
Formation and characteristics of low latitude boundary layer
Kappa distribution functions and the main properties of auroral particle acceleration
Magnetospheric turbulence and properties of magnetospheric dynamics
Radial distribution of the inner magnetosphere plasma pressure using low-altitude satellite data during geomagnetic storm: The March 1-8, 1982 event
Study of the turbulence in the central plasma sheet during August 24-28 geomagnetic storm using the CLUSTER satellite data
Turbulent fluctuations of plasma and magnetic field parameters in the magnetosheath and the low-latitude boundary layer formation: Multisatellite observations on March 2, 1996
Particle acceleration by double layers during kappa distributions
Field-aligned current mapping and the problem of the generation of magnetospheric convection
Intermittency in the auroral absorption fluctuations as manifestation of magnetospheric turbulence
Medium-scale splitting of outflowing field-aligned currents and kappa distribution of magnetospheric ions
Plasma sheet and magnetosheath plasma mixing in LLBL: Case study
Quasiturbulent transport and LLBL properties
Scales of the field-aligned current structures in the high-latitude magnetosphere according to the intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 satellite data
Stability of the magnetospheric plasma pressure distribution and magnetospheric storms
Forecasting of DST variations from polar cap indices using neural networks
Intermittency of riometer auroral absorption observed at South Pole
PC-index fluctuations and intermittency of the magnetospheric dynamics
Prediction of D-st variations from Polar Cap indices using time-delay neural network
The features of the ion plasma pressure distributions in the near Earth plasma sheet
The structure of the magnetospheric boundary layers and the magnetospheric turbulence
Variation of the plasma turbulence in the central plasma sheet during substorm phases observed by the interball/tail satellite
Azimuthal plasma pressure reconstructed by using the Aureol-3 satellite data during quiet geomagnetic conditions
Magnetostatic equilibrium and current systems in the Earth’s magnetosphere
Radial plasma pressure gradients in the high latitude magnetosphere as sources of instabilities leading
Radial plasma pressure gradients in the high latitude magnetosphere as sources of instabilities leading to the substorm onset
Intermittency of magnetospheric dynamics through non-Gaussian distribution function of PC-index fluctuations
Magnetospheric plasma pressure and space weather
Study of electric field fluctuations using the Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 satellite data
Study of stratification of magnetospheric convection using Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 electric field observations
The influence of the energetic tails of ion distribution function on the main parameter of the theory of field-aligned current splitting and Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 observations
The main features of the ion spectra variations in the transition region from dipole to tailward streched field lines
Asymmetry of auroral electron precipitations and its relationship to the substorm expansion phase onset
Inconsistency of magnetic field and plasma velocity variations in the distant plasma sheet: Violation of the "frozen-in" criterion?
INTERBALL/Tail observations of high latitude pressure distribution
Morphology of high latitude auroral electron precipitations obtained by the Aureol-3 satellite
Plasma sheet coefficient of diffusion: Predictions and observations
Plasma sheet heating during substorm and the values of the plasma sheet diffusion coefficient obtained on the base of interball/tail probe observations
Reconnection in the conditions of developed turbulence
Storm-substorm relations and high latitude currents
The ion differential spectra in outer boundary of the ring current: November 17, 1995 case study
The results of interball/tail probe observations the inner magnetosphere substorm onset and particle acceleration
The Structure of Ion Spectra in Outer Regions of the Ring Current: The November 13, 1995 Event
Turbulence in the Plasma Sheet during Substorms: A Case Study for Three Events Observed by the INTERBALL Tail Probe
Radial plasma pressure gradients in the Earth's magnetosphere and the D-st variation
Spatial distribution of the auroral electron precipitations and the sources of field-aligned currents
The model of turbulent plasma sheet during IMF Bz > 0
Determination of the Turbulent Diffusion Coefficient in the Plasma Sheet Using the Project INTERBALL Data
Experimental study of the formation of inverted-V structures and their stratification using AUREOL-3 observations
Inner magnetosphere currents and their role in the magnetosphere dynamics
Investigation of the structure and dynamics of the plasma sheet: The CORALL experiment of the INTERBALL project
Large scale magnetospheric turbulence and the topology of magnetospheric currents
Medium scale magnetospheric turbulence and quasi three-dimensional plasma sheet modeling
Plasma pressure distribution in the inner magnetosphere and the applicability of Dessler-Parker-Sckopke relation to storm time magnetic disturbance description
Quiet time distribution of plasma pressure in the inner earth's magnetosphere
Chaotization of particle motion in regular inhomogeneous electric fields
Experimental test of a hot stratification theory for inverted-V events using AUREOL-3 observations
Generation of unmagnetized motion of plasma sheet electrons and its possible causes
Magnetostatically equilibrated plasma sheet with developed medium-scale turbulence: Structure and implications for substorm dynamics
Multiple inverted-V structure events observed at aureol-3 satellite and hot plasma stratification theory
Plasma sheet electron temperature distribution and particle dynamics
Quasi-three dimensional modelling of the plasma sheet including turbulence on medium scales
Multiple inverted-V structures and hot plasma pressure gradient mechanism of plasma stratification
Azimuthal hot plasma pressure gradients and dawn-dusk electric field formation
Current sheet with medium scale developed turbulence and the formation of the plasma sheet of Earth's magnetosphere and solar prominences
Space plasma education at Moscow State University
The inner magnetosphere source of dawn-dusk electric field and magnetospheric dynamics

ConferencePaper (2)

Study of plasma pressure distribution in the inner magnetosphere using low-altitude satellites and its importance for the large-scale magnetospheric dynamics
Asymmetry of the auroral inverted V structures and substorm expansion phase onset

Monograph (2)

Topology of High-Latitude Magnetospheric Currents
Turbulence in the magnetosheath and the problem of plasma penetration inside the magnetosphere
Elizavieta Antonova

Head of laboratory

Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Moscow, Rusia

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