Barbara Poblete

Associate Professor

University of Chile

Santiago, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

Applied Machine Learning, Data mining, Web data mining, Information retrieval, Privacy preserving data mining, Social network analysis


  •  Computer Science, UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA. España, 2009
  •  Computer Science, UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE. Chile, 2004
  •  Computer Science, UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE. Chile, 2001
  •  Engineering, UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE. Chile, 2004

Experiencia Académica

  •   Assistant Professor Full Time


    Faculty of physical science and mathematics

    Santiago, Chile

    2011 - A la fecha

Experiencia Profesional

  •   Researcher Full Time

    Yahoo Labs

    Santiago, Chile

    2008 - 2011

  •   Associate Researcher Part Time

    Yahoo Labs

    Santiago, Chile

    2011 - 2014

Formación de Capital Humano

Advisor of Master students (8 in total 7 graduated) : Felipe Bravo-Marquez, Mauricio Quezada Veas, Jazmine Maldonado, Ignacio Valderrama, Jorge Bahamonde, Luis Martinez, Hernán Sarmiento, Mabel Sanchez
Advisor of PhD students (8 in total, 4 graduated): Teresa Bracamonte, Vanessa Peña, José Miguel Herrera, Mauricio Quezada, Mabel Sanchez, Hernán Sarmiento, Juglar Diaz, Henry Rosales
Courses: Introduction to data mining, Information Retrieval, Introduction to Programing, Web of Data.

Premios y Distinciones

  •   100 Líderes Jóvenes


    Chile, 2013

    Chosen among the 100 young leaders of the country (Chile), under the age of 35.

  •   ALFA scholarship


    España, 2005

    Full scholarship for Phd studies

  •   Google Latin American Research Award

    Google Inc.

    Brasil, 2019

    Google Latin America Research Award 2019 (Google LARA), which is an unrestricted gift renewable up to 4-years for Latin American Academics and their students to fund cutting-edge research with social benefit. This is a highly selective research grant provided by Google LatAm yearly. This year there were 670 applications from all of Latin America, with only 25 awarded, only two of those awards went to Chilean researchers and only 6 to female academics.

  •   Yahoo Patent Milestone Award

    Yahoo Inc

    Estados Unidos, 2017

    At Yahoo I filled 13 patents and so far 7 of them have been awarded. I was given the Yahoo Patent Milestone Award. This shows academic research with direct industrial impact. Patents listed below (authors omitted for brevity) - “Lightning search aggregate”. 2017? US Patent 9,594,835 - “Methods for web site analysis”. ?2014. ?US Patent 8,751,632 - “Classifying documents using implicit feedback and query patterns”. 2014. ?US Patent 8,645,369 - “Lightning search bookmark”. 2013. ?US Patent 20,130,013,628 - “Method for storing bookmarks for search results from previously submitted search queries by a user and storing links to selected documents by the user”. 2012. ?US Patent 8,290,944 - “Method and system for generating a hyperlink-click graph”. 2011.?US Patent 7,945,565 - “User query data mining and related techniques”?. 2009.?US Patent 7,617,208


Article (16)

An integrated model for textual social media data with spatio-temporal dimensions
Fine-Grained Entity Linking
Hate speech detection is not as easy as you may think: A closer look at model validation (extended version)
Minding the AI Gap in LATAM
Social QA in non-CQA platforms
Nowcasting earthquake damages with Twitter
Power structure in Chilean news media
Robust Detection of Extreme Events Using Twitter=> Worldwide Earthquake Monitoring
Gaining historical and international relations insights from social media=> spatio-temporal real-world news analysis using Twitter
Prediction and Characterization of High-Activity Events in Social Media Triggered by Real-World News
Prediction and Characterization of High-Activity Events in Social Media Triggered by Real-World News
Predicting information credibility in time-sensitive social media
Privacy-Preserving Query Log Mining for Business Confidentiality Protection
A mining model of consultations for content design and structure of a Web site Un modelo de minería de consultas para el diseño del contenido y la estructura de un sitio Web
Dynamics of the Chilean web structure
Meta-level sentiment models for big social data analysis

ConferencePaper (23)

Galean: Visualization of geolocated news events from social media
Location-aware model for news events in social media
Retrieving relevant conversations for Q&A on Twitter
Sentiment-based user profiles in microblogging platforms
#Santiago is not #Chile, or is it? A model to normalize social media impact
Combining strengths, emotions and polarities for boosting Twitter sentiment analysis
Long-memory time series ensembles for concept shift detection
Multimedia information retrieval on the social web
On-line relevant anomaly detection in the Twitter stream: An efficient bursty keyword detection model
Understanding Real-World Events via Multimedia Summaries Based on Social Indicators
Extracting interesting association rules from toolbar data
Opinion dynamics of elections in twitter
Automatic image tagging through information propagation in a query log based graph structure
Do all birds tweet the same? Characterizing twitter around the world
Information credibility on Twitter
Query-sets ++: A scalable approach for modeling web sites
Query-Sets(++): A Scalable Approach for Modeling Web Sites
Query-sets++: A scalable approach for modeling web sites
Learning to Distribute Queries into Web Search Nodes
Twitter under crisis: Can we trust what we RT?
Visual-semantic graphs: Using queries to reduce the semantic gap in Web image retrieval
A website mining model centered on user queries
Evolution of the Chilean Web structure composition

Patent (8)

Classifying documents using implicit feedback and query patterns
Methods for website analysis
Method and system for classifying web sites using query-based web site models
Method for storing bookmarks for search results from previously submitted search queries by a user and storing links to selected documents by the user
Method and system for generating a hyperlink-click graph
Lightning search aggregate
User query data mining and related techniques

Proyecto (7)

Observatorio digital de delincuencia en Chile=> un sistema inteligente de apoyo a la industria automotriz chilena, en el robo de vehículos y accesorios
Impacto geográfico de titulares las redes sociales chilenas
Núcleo Milenio Centro de Investigación de la Web Semántica
Automatic Knowledge Extraction from Social Media Data and User-Generated Contents for Improving the Web
Observatorios Escalables de La Web
Extracción automática de conocimientos a partir de datos de medios sociales y contenidos generados por usuarios para mejorar la Web
Barbara Poblete

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

University of Chile

Santiago, Chile

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