Juan Pablo Cortés Sotomayor

Scientific Researcher

Lanek SPA

Valparaíso, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

Developing machine learning and digital signal processing algorithms applied to clinical voice/speech applications, inverse methods of speech production, and neural network models of speech motor control.


  •  Electronic Engineering, UNIVERSIDAD TECNICA FEDERICO SANTA MARIA. Chile, 2020
  •  Electrical Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-LOS ANGELES. Estados Unidos, 2013
  •  Electrical Engineering, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-LOS ANGELES. Estados Unidos, 2010

Experiencia Profesional

  •   Postdoctoral Fellow Full Time

    Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation, Massachussetts General Hospital

    Boston, Estados Unidos

    2020 - 2021

Premios y Distinciones

  •   Qualcomm Q Award


    Estados Unidos, 2010

    Scholarship award from Qualcomm to undergraduate students in the field of Electrical Engineering,

  •   Best Poster Award

    The Voice Foundation

    Estados Unidos, 2019

    Best poster award during the 49th Voice Foundation Conference in Philadelphia, USA


Article (7)

Glottal airflow estimation using neck surface acceleration and low-order kalman smoothing
Ambulatory Monitoring of Subglottal Pressure Estimated from Neck-Surface Vibration in Individuals with and without Voice Disorders
Kalman Filter Implementation of Subglottal Impedance-Based Inverse Filtering to Estimate Glottal Airflow during Phonation
Differences in Daily Voice Use Measures Between Female Patients With Nonphonotraumatic Vocal Hyperfunction and Matched Controls
Estimation of Subglottal Pressure, Vocal Fold Collision Pressure, and Intrinsic Laryngeal Muscle Activation From Neck-Surface Vibration Using a Neural Network Framework and a Voice Production Model
Ambulatory assessment of phonotraumatic vocal hyperfunction using glottal airflow measures estimated from neck-surface acceleration
Using ambulatory voice monitoring to investigate common voice disorders: research update

Proyecto (3)

Clinical Research Center for Improved Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Vocal Hyperfunction
A subject-specific model of voice production and its application in the short and long term assessment of vocal hyperfunction
Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (AC3E)
Juan Cortés

Scientific Researcher

Electronic Engineering

Lanek SPA

Valparaíso, Chile

Víctor Espinoza

Associate Professor

Departamento de Sonido

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile

Alejandro Weinstein


Escuela de Ingenieria Civil Biomedica

Universidad de Valparaiso

Valparaiso, Chile

Matias Zañartu

Associate Professor

Electronic Engineering


Valparaiso, Chile