Pablo Andrés Solano Palma

Profesor Asistente

Universidad de Concepción

Concepción, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

Quantum Optics, Atomic Physics


  •  PhD in Physics, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. Estados Unidos, 2017
  •  Master of Science in Physics, UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCION. Chile, 2012
  •  Físico, UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCION. Chile, 2012
  •  Bachelor in Physics, UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCION. Chile, 2009

Experiencia Académica

  •   Postdoctoral Associate Full Time


    Cambridge, Estados Unidos

    2017 - 2019


Article (27)

Dissimilar collective decay and directional emission from two quantum emitters
Emergence of non-Gaussian coherent states through nonlinear interactions
Optical precursors in waveguide quantum electrodynamics
Dipole-dipole interactions through a lens
Torsional optomechanical cooling of a nanofiber
Collective radiation from distant emitters
Deterministic Generation of Large Fock States
Guiding light to non-classicality
Non-Markovian Collective Emission from Macroscopically Separated Emitters
Alignment-dependent decay rate of an atomic dipole near an optical nanofiber
Manipulation of multimode squeezing in a coupled waveguide array
Strongly Correlated Quantum Gas Prepared by Direct Laser Cooling
Spectral asymmetry of atoms in the van der Waals potential of an optical nanofiber
Spin-optomechanical coupling between light and a nanofiber torsional mode
Dynamics of trapped atoms around an optical nanofiber probed through polarimetry
Modal interference in optical nanofibers for sub-Angstrom radius sensitivity
Optical Nanofibers: A New Platform for Quantum Optics
Realizing quantum advantage without entanglement in single-photon states
Super-radiance reveals infinite-range dipole interactions through a nanofiber
Self-organization of atoms coupled to a chiral reservoir
Photon-correlation measurements of atomic-cloud temperature using an optical nanofiber
Ultrahigh transmission optical nanofibers
Simultaneous rotation, orientation and displacement control of birefringent microparticles in holographic optical tweezers
Real-time study of shape and thermal fluctuations in the echinocyte transformation of human erythrocytes using defocusing microscopy
Three-dimensional clustered speckle fields: theory, simulations and experimental verification
A clustered speckle approach to optical trapping
Superresolution imaging in optical tweezers using high-speed cameras
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