Shaharyar Kamal

Assistant Professor

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

Wireless Communication, Human behavior and activity recognition


  •  Advanced Wireless Communication Systems, B5G, KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY. Corea del Sur, 2017
  •  Distributed Systems, Human Computer Interaction, MID SWEDEN UNIVERSITY. Suecia, 2012

Experiencia Académica

  •   Assistant Professor Full Time

    Air University

    Computing and Artificial Intelligence

    Islamabad, Pakistán

    2017 - 2023

Experiencia Profesional

  •   Researcher Part Time

    Mid Sweden University

    Sundsvall, Suecia

    2010 - 2012

  •   Research Fellow Full Time

    Kyung Hee University

    Suwon, Corea del Sur

    2013 - 2017

Premios y Distinciones

  •   Tution Fee Free Scholarship By Swedish Higher Education Commission


    Suecia, 2008

    Tution Fee Free Scholarship

  •   President Scholarship for Ph.D. Studies


    Corea del Sur, 2013

    Tuition Fee Free and Monthly Stipend


Article (25)

Human Pose Estimation and Object Interaction for Sports Behaviour
MS-DLD: Multi-Sensors Based Daily Locomotion Detection via Kinematic-Static Energy and Body-Specific HMMs
Sensors-Based Ambient Assistant Living via E-Monitoring Technology
A Smart Surveillance System for People Counting and Tracking Using Particle Flow and Modified SOM
Affinity-Based Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multicore Systems Using CBS and QBICTM
An LSTM-Based Approach for Understanding Human Interactions Using Hybrid Feature Descriptors Over Depth Sensors
ICI Reduction by Using the Improved Double-jump 1 Pulse in MQAM-OFDM Schemes
Improved Dual Sinc Pulses to Reduce ICI Power and PAPR in OFDM-based Systems
Depth Maps-Based Human Segmentation and Action Recognition Using Full-Body Plus Body Color Cues Via Recognizer Engine
Improved Behavior Monitoring and Classification Using Cues Parameters Extraction from Camera Array Images
Detecting Complex 3D Human Motions with Body Model Low-Rank Representation for Real-Time Smart Activity Monitoring System
A Depth Video-based Human Detection and Activity Recognition using Multi-features and Embedded Hidden Markov Models for Health Care Monitoring Systems
Facial Expression Recognition using 1D Transform Features and Hidden Markov Model
Improved Nyquist-I Pulses to Enhance the Performance of OFDM-Based Systems
Low-PAPR Hybrid Filter for SC-FDMA
Robust human activity recognition from depth video using spatiotemporal multi-fused features
A Hybrid Feature Extraction Approach for Human Detection, Tracking and Activity Recognition Using Depth Sensors
Depth Images-based Human Detection, Tracking and Activity Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Features and Modified HMM
Family of Nyquist-I Pulses to Enhance Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Performance
Human depth sensors-based activity recognition using spatiotemporal features and hidden markov model for smart environments
Subsiding OOB emission and ICI power using iPOWER pulse in OFDM systems
Suppressing the effect of ICI power using dual sinc pulses in OFDM-based systems
Dense RGB-D Map-Based Human Tracking and Activity Recognition using Skin Joints Features and Self-Organizing Map
Depth Silhouettes Context: A New Robust Feature for Human Tracking and Activity Recognition based on Advanced Hidden Markov Model
A Depth Video Sensor-Based Life-Logging Human Activity Recognition System for Elderly Care in Smart Indoor Environments

ConferencePaper (20)

On the Performance of MIMO-VLC Techniques in Underground Mining Environments
Affinity Based Scheduling Using Bayesian Model and Load Balancing in Multicore Systems
Comparison of Ensemble Techniques for Prediction of Pedestrian Desired Direction
Low PAPR mapping for 16-QAM OFDM-based systems
Multi-fusion sensors for action recognition based on discriminative motion cues and random forest
Phase-noise Compensation for QPSK-RoF-OFDM Signals with the Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm for Multilayer Perceptron
Secure mobile sensor data transfer using asymmetric cryptography algorithms
BER improvement using the better than double-jump 2 pulse in OFDM schemes prone to frequency offset
Evaluation of the improved parametric linear combination pulse in digital baseband communication systems
Indoor Positioning and Tracking using Sensors of a Smart Device
Sinc exponential ISI-free pulse with better performance
A spatiotemporal motion variation features extraction approach for human tracking and pose-based action recognition
BER enhancement of OFDM-based systems using the improved parametric linear combination pulse
Depth silhouettes context: A new robust feature for human tracking and activity recognition based on embedded HMMs
Human daily activity recognition with joints plus body features representation using Kinect sensor
Individual detection-tracking-recognition using depth activity images
Nyquist-I pulses designed to suppress the effect of ICI power in OFDM systems
Shape and Motion Features Approach for Activity Tracking and Recognition from Kinect Video Camera
Depth map-based human activity tracking and recognition using body joints features and Self-Organized Map
Real-time life logging via a depth silhouette-based human activity recognition system for smart home services

Proyecto (2)

Waveform design evaluation for OFDM-based Schemes
Analysis, design, and implementation of nyquist pulses in OFDM next generation wireless communication systems
Shaharyar Kamal

Assistant Professor

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Universidad de Chile

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