Marcelo Enrique Oliva Moreno

Profesor Titular

Universidad de Antofagasta

Antofagasta, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

1.- Ecología y Evolución de Sistemas Huesped-Parasito, con enfasis en peces 2.- Uso de parásitos como herramientas en biogeografia del hospedador 3.- Uso de parásitos como marcas biológicas en estudios poblacionales de sus hospedadores


  •  Oceanografia Biologica, Universidad de Bretaña Occidental. Francia, 2000
  •  Biologo mencion Biologia Pesquera, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Peru, 1979

Experiencia Académica

  •   Profesor Titular Full Time


    Ciencias del Mar y Recursos Biologicos

    Antofagasta, Chile

    1981 - A la fecha

  •   profesor Part Time

    Universidad Particular Ricardo Palma

    Ciencias Biológicas

    Lima, Peru

    1988 - 1991

Formación de Capital Humano

Tesis de pregrado dirigidas 37
Tesis de Magister Dirigidas : 2
Tesis de Doctorado: 4 (dos en Progreso)
Patrocinio Post Doctorados : 2
Participacion en Comité de Tésis de postgrado: 17


Article (113)

Emendation of the genus Neoheterobothrium and a proposal of a new genus Paraheterobothrium (Monogenea: Diclidophoridae) for five species of diclidophorids from Pleuronectiform fishes
Eurythenes atacamensis sp. nov. (Crustacea: Amphipoda) exhibits ontogenetic vertical stratification across abyssal and hadal depths in the Atacama Trench, eastern South Pacific Ocean
A first assessment of atresia in the Chilean jack mackerel Trachurus murphyi (Teleostei, Carangidae) from the South-eastern Pacific Ocean
Calicotyle hydrolagi n. sp. (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) infecting the deep-sea Eastern Pacific black ghost shark Hydrolagus melanophasma from the Atacama Trench, with comments on host specificity of Calicotyle spp.
Testing for deterministic succession in metazoan parasite communities of marine fish
Identification assisted by molecular markers of larval parasites in two limpet species (Patellogastropoda: Nacella) inhabiting Antarctic and Magellan coastal systems
Two new species of Acanthocotyle Monticelli, 1888 (Monogenea: Acanthocotylidae), parasites of two deep-sea skates (Elasmobranchii: Rajiformes) in the South-East Pacific
Metazoan parasite communities of two deep-sea elasmobranchs: the southern lanternshark, Etmopterus granulosus, and the largenose catshark, Apristurus nasutus, in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean
Morphological and molecular characterisation of digenean parasites of the Galapagos sheephead Semicossyphus darwini (Jenyns) with the re-description of Labrifer secundus Manter, 1940 (Lepidapedidae) from the Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem
Acanthocotyle gurgesiella n. sp. (Monogenea: Acanthocotylidae) from the deep-sea skate Gurgesiella furvescens (Rajidae) in the south-eastern Pacific
A Review of the Parasites Infecting Fishes of the Genus Trachurus (Pisces: Carangidae).
Helminth parasites of South American fishes: Current status and characterization as a model for studies of biodiversity
Metazoan parasites of Brama australis from southern Chile: A tool for stock discrimination?
Metazoan parasites of deep-sea fishes from the South Eastern Pacific: Exploring the role of ecology and host phylogeny
Fish population studies using parasites from the Southeastern Pacific Ocean: considering host population changes and species body size as sources of variability of parasite communities
Molecular and morphological evidence demonstrating two species of Helicometrina Linton 1910 (Digenea: Opecoelidae) in northern Chile.
Does a facultative precocious life cycle predispose the marine trematode Proctoeces cf. lintoni to inbreeding and genetic differentiation among host species?
Parapedocotyle prolatili gen. n. et sp. n., a representative of a new subfamily of the Diclidophoridae (Monogenea), a gill parasite of Prolatilus jugularis (Teleostei: Pinguipedidae) from Chile
Two new species of Encotyllabe (Monogenea: Capsalidae) based on morphometric and molecular evidence: parasites off two inshore fish species of northern Chile.
Dispersal of post-larval macrobenthos in subtidal sedimentary habitats: Roles of vertical diel migration, water column, bedload transport and biological traits' expression
Is Anisakis simplex s.l. a biological marker for stock identification of Strangomera bentincki from Chile?
Effects of patch size and position above the substratum during early succession of subtidal soft-bottom communities
El Nino-Southern Oscillation cyclical modulation of macrobenthic community structure in the Humboldt Current ecosystem
Endoparasite fauna of five Gadiformes fish species from the coast of Chile: host ecology versus phylogeny
Latitudinal variation in the reproductive cycle of two bivalves with contrasting biogeographical origin along the Humboldt Current Upwelling Ecosystem
Limatula chilensis sp nov A new Limidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from northern Chile
Population dynamics of the amphioxus Branchiostoma elongatum from northern Chile
A new gonad-infecting species of Philometra (Nematoda: Philometridae) from the red cusk-eel Genypterus chilensis (Osteichthyes: Ophidiidae) off Chile
Environmental stress and parasitism as drivers of population dynamics of Mesodesma donacium at its northern biogeographic range
Functional diversity of marine macrobenthic communities from sublittoral soft-sediment habitats off northern Chile
Is a vertebrate a better host for a parasite than an invertebrate host? Fecundity of Procteces cf lintoni (Digenea:Fellodistomidae), a parasite of fish and gastropods in northern Chile
Philometra chilensis (Nematoda, Philometridae) affects the fecundity of the red cusk-eel, Genypterus chilensis (Guichenot) (Pisces, Ophidiidae) in Chile
Regulatory Factors and Structure of a Component Population of the Spionid Polydora bioccipitalis Infesting the Surf Clam Mesodesma donacium
Succession and seasonal onset of colonization in subtidal hard-bottom communities off northern Chile
Association between Chrysaora plocamia (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) and Hyperia curticephala (Peracarida: Amphipoda) in Mejillones Bay, northern Chile Asociación entre Chrysaora plocamia (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) e Hyperia curticephala (Peracarida: Amphipoda) en Bahía de Mejillones, norte de Chile
Hard-bottom succession of subtidal epibenthic communities colonizing hidden and exposed surfaces off northern Chile
Hard-bottom succession of subtidal epibenthic communities colonizing hidden and exposed surfaces off northern Chile Sucesión de communidades epibentónicas de fondos duros submareales colonizando superficies ocultas y expuestas en el norte de Chile
Metazoan parasites as biological tags for stock discrimination of whitemouth croaker Micropogonias furnieri from south-western Atlantic Ocean waters.
Molecular and experimental evidence refuse the life cycle of Proctoeces lintoni (Fellodistomidae) in Chile
Molecular evidence confirms that Proctoeces humboldti and Proctoeces chilensis (Digenea: Fellodistomidae) are the same species
Parasitologia Marina en el Sistema de Afloramiento de la Corriente de Humboldt: desafíos para la Revista Neotropical Helminthology. (Editorial)
Succession and seasonal variation in the development of subtidal macrobenthic soft-bottom communities off northern Chile
A long-term association between Mesodesma donacium and the boring polychaete Polydora bioccipitalis on the Chilean coast
Is the nestedness of metazoan parasite assemblages of marine fishes from the southeastern Pacific coast a pattern associated with the geographical distributional range of the host?
Thriving and declining: temperature and salinity shaping life-history and population stability of Mesodesma donacium in the Humboldt Current Upwelling System
Two new species of Choricotyle van Beneden & Hesse (Monogena: Diclidophoridae), parasites from Anisotremus Scapularis and Isacia conceptionis (Haemulidae) from northern Chilean coast.
Changes in Prevalence and intensity of infection of Profilicollis altmani (Perry 1942) cystacanth (Acanthocephala) parasitizyng the mole crab Emerita analoga (Stimpson, 1857): an El Niño cascade effect?
Infestation of the surf clam Mesodesma donacium by the spionid polychaete Polydora bioccipitalis.
Ismael Kong Urbina (1942 - 2008)
Metazoan parasites of the stomach of Dissostichus eleginoides Smitt 1898 (Pisces: Notothenidae) from southern Chile: a tool for stock discrimination?
What can metazoan parasites reveal about the taxonomy of Scomber japonicus in the coast of South America and Madeira Islands?
Local variability in metazoan parasites of the pelagic fish species, Engraulis ringens: implications for fish stock assesment using parasites as biological tags
Metazoan Parasites of Engraulis ringens as tools for stock discrimination along the chilean coast
Sublitoral soft bottom communities and diversity of Mejillones Bay in northern Chile (Humboldt Current Upwelling System)
Suitability of three stains to mark shells of Concholepas concholepas (Gastropoda) and Mesodesma donacium (Bivalvia)
Similarity and structure of the ectoparasite communities of rockfish species from the southern Chilean coast in a temporal scale.
Metazoan parasites and commensals of the northern Chilean scallop Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819) as tools for stock identification
The decay of similarity over geographic distance in parasite communities of marine fishes.
Metazoan Parasite Fauna as Biological Tag for the Habitat of the Flounder Hippoglossina macrops from Northern Chile, in a Depth Gradient
Metazoan parasites in wild and farmed populations of the scallops, Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819) from northern Chile
Metazoan parasites of Sebastes capensis from two localities in northern Chile as tools for stock identification
Parasitic castration of Eurhomalea lenticularis (Bivalvia : Veneridae) by a digenetic trematode: quantitative histological analysis
Neoheterobothrium chilensis sp. n. (Monogenea: Diclidophoridae), a parasite of the bigeye Flounder, Hippoglossina macrops (Paralichthyidae: Pleuronectiformes) from northern Chile.
Endohelminth Parasites of Trambollo Labrisomus philippii (Steindachner) (Osteichthyes: Labrisomidae) from the Central Peruvian Coast
Parasites of the Chilean hake Merluccius gayi as a tool for stocks discrimination
Metazoan Parasite Fauna of the Bigeye Flounder Hippoglossina macrops, from Northern Chile
Metazoan parasites of Macruronus magellanicus from southern Chile as Biological tags.
Progenesis in Proctoeces lintoni (Fellodistomidae) parasite of Fissurella crassa (Archaeogastropoda) in a latitudinal gradient in the Pacific coast of South America
Effects of the Digenea proctoeces lintoni (Fellodistomidae) in the proportion of hemolymphatic cells in Fissurella crassa (Mollusca: Archaeogastropoda).
Metazoan parasite infracommunities of Menticirrhus (Teleostei: Sciaenidae): An amphi-oceanic approximation
Metazoan parasites of the Jack Mackerel Trachurus murphyi (Teleostei, Carangidae) in a latitudinal gradient from South America (Chile and Peru)
Parasitic castration in Concholepas concholepas (Gastropoda: Muricidae) due to a larval digenean in northern Chile
Indicators of the reproductive aggregations of Thais chocolata (Duelos, 1832) (Gastropoda, Thaididae) in Caleta Punta Arenas (21°38'S-70°09'W) Indicadores de agregación reproductiva de Thais chocolata (Duclos, 1832) (Gastropoda, Thaididae) en Caleta Punta Arenas (21°38'S-70°09'W)
Metazoan Parasite Infracommunities in Five Sciaenids from the Central Peruvian Coast
Reproductive behaviour of Thais chocolata (Duclos, 1832)(Gastropoda: Thaididae) in La Rinconada, Antofagasta, Chile: Enhanced catch vulnerability Conducta reproductiva de Thais chocolata (Duclos, 1832) (Gastropoda: Thaididae) en La Rinconada, Antofagasta, Chile: causal de vulnerabilidad a la pesca
Parasites of the Flatfish Paralichthys adspersus (Steindachner, 1867) (Pleuronectiformes) from Northern Chile
Rhinobatonchocotyle pacifica n. sp. (Monogenea: Hexabothriidae) parasite of the guitar-fish Rhinobatos planiceps
Effect of Proctoeces lintoni (Digenea) on the fecundity of Fissurella crassa (Archaeogastropoda)
Parasites of the Chilean jack mackerel Trachurus symmetricus murphyi
Análisis cuantitativo y estructura de la comunidad parasitaria de Paralonchurus peruanus (Pisces: Sciaenidae) en la costa peruana
Effect of an adult trematode, Proctoeces lintoni (Fellodistomidae), on the gonadosomatic index of Fissurella limbata (Archaeogastropoda).
Trematodes of marine fishes from the peruvian faunistic province (Perú and Chile) with description of Lecithochirium callaoensis n. sp. and new record
An ecological approach of Proctoeces lintoni (Digenea: Fellodistomidae) infection in the key hole limpet Fissurella limbata Sowerby, 1835 (Archaeogastropoda) from Northern Chile
Kudoa sciaenae (Myxozoa: Multivalvulidae) cyst distribution in the somatic muscles of Stellifer minor.
Parasitic castration of Fissurella crassa (Mollusca: archaeogastropoda) due to an adult digenea Proctoeces lintoni
Parásitos de Emerita analoga (Stimpson) (Crustacea): Implicancias ecológicas.
Sexual status of Paralabrax humeralis (Serranidae) and infection by Philometra sp. (Nematoda: Dracunculoidea)
Aspectos cuantitativos de la infección originada por Kudoa sciaenae en Stellifer minor.
The metazoan parasites of Stellifer minor (Tschudi, 1844): An ecological approach.
Four new species of Hargicotyle Mamaev, 1972, parasitic on Sciaenids fish from Perú and Chile.
Gary solida (Gray, 1828) nuevo huésped para un plerocerco del género Rhodobothrium (Tetraphyllidea).
Monogenean parasitic on marine fishes from Perú and Chile. Three new species and two new combinations
Presencia de una forma inmadura de Proctoeces sp. (Trematoda: Fellodistomidae), parásito de Octopus vulgaris (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) en el litoral Peruano
Prevalencia y patrones de distribución de tres especies de Monogeneos en branquias de Stellifer minor (Tschudi, 1844) (Sciaenidae).
The genus Lobatostoma (Trematoda: Aspidocotylea) in the Pacific coast of South America, with description of Lobatostoma veranoi new species, parasite of Menticirrhus ophicephalus (Teleostei Sciaenidae)
Aspectos cuantitativos de la infección por Proctoeces humboldti (Trematoda: Fellodistomidae) en la lapa Fissurella crassa (Mollusca: Archaeogastropoda)
Distribution pattern of Microcotyle nemadactylus (Monogenea) on gills of Cheilodactylus variegatus (Teleostei)
Parasitic castration in Concholepas concholepas (Gastropoda: Muricidae) due to larval digenean in northern Chile
Variabilidad intraespecifica del adulto de Proctoeces lintoni Siddiqi & Cable, 1960 en hospedadores vertebrados e invertebrados
Infección por Lecithochirium sp. (Trematoda: Hemiuridae) en Gymnothorax porphyrea (Pisces: Teleostei) del Archipiélago de Juan Fernández.
Monogenea in marine fishes from Antofagasta, Chile, with description of Caballerocotyla australis n.sp. (Capsalidae).
Parasitismo en el ostión del norte Chlamys (Argopecten) purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819)
Presencia de Nipporhynchus ornatus (Van Cleave, 1918) (Acanthocephala: Gorgorhynchidae) en el norte de Chile
Lobatostoma anisotremum new species (Trematoda: Aspidogastrea), parasitic in the teleost fish Anisotremus scapularis.
Choricotyle anisotremi n. sp. (Monogenea: Diclidophoridae) parasitic in Anisotremus scapularis (Tschudi) from the northern Chilean coast.
Nuevos.registros de trematodos digeneos en peces marinos de la zona de Antofagasta
Proctoeces chilensis, nueva especie (Trematoda: Strigeatoidea: Fellodistomidae) parásito en Syciases sanguineus Muller y Tronschell 1843 (Pisces: Teleostei)
.Crecimiento de Loxechinus albus en sistema de jaulas suspendidas a media agua
Lista de copépodos parásitos en peces marinos del Perú.
Lernanthropus pacificus n. sp. (Crustacea: Copepoda) parásito de la corvinilla Sciaena gilberti (Abbott) (Pisces: Teleostei).
Argulus peruvianus nueva especie marina de Argulus Muller, 1758.
Estudio parasitológico en Merluccius gayi peruanus Ginsgburg 1954

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A review of the potential genes implicated in follicular atresia in teleost fish
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