Universidad Autónoma de Chile

Talca, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

Research experience in microbiology, bioinformatics (proteomics), statistics, bacterial polysaccharides. Moreover research experience on bacteria mediated wastewater treatment and reuse of the treated water for agricultural purpose.


  •  Botany (Microbiology), The University of Burdwan. India, 2022
  •  Botany , The University of Burdwan. Chile, 2016
  •  Botany , The University of Burdwan. Chile, 2014

Experiencia Académica

  •   Postdoctoral researcher Part Time

    Universidad Catolica del Maule

    Centro de Investigación de Estudios Avanzados del Maule


    2022 - 2024

Experiencia Profesional

  •   Invastigadora postdoctoral Part Time

    Universidad Catolica del Maule

    Maule , Chile

    2022 - At present

Difusión y Transferencia

Invited talk in Department of Botany, Chandernagore College, entitled ‘Biotechnological application of Extremophilic microbes: Research methodology and future prospect’ on 1st March, 2023.
Invited talk in international conference on Life and Environment: Issues and Concern in Department of Botany, Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya entitled ‘Microbial adaptation in extreme environment: a source for biotechnological applications’ on 9th March, 2023.
Invited talk in XXXIIIrd PHYSICON 2022 in Vidyasagar University, Paschim Medinipur entitled ‘Life in extreme environment: multidisciplinary involvement in biotechnology’ on 3-5th March, 2023.
Invited talk in Department of Botany, Hooghly Mohsin College, Hooghly, West Bengal, entitled ‘ADAPTATION IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENT IN CONTEXT TO MICROBIOTECHNOLOGY’ on 14th March, 2023.

Important achievements:
• 2nd position in section: Food and Industrial Microbiology, Association of Microbiologist, India (AMI) congress 2023, 2-4th February, MDU, Rohtak.
• Best Poster Award in section: Environmental science, Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)-2020, 3rd – 7th January, 2020, Bangalore
• 1st position in Poster Presentation in the section ‘Swach Bharat’, India International Science Festival (IISF) 2019, 5th - 8th November, 2019, Kolkata
• Consolation prize in drawing competition organized at the Central National Herbarium, International day for Biological Diversity-2016. Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, Botanical Survey of India.
• Act as an Evaluator at 24th National Children’s Science Congress, 2016 State Level Congress, West Bengal on 1-2 October, 2016 held at Ballygauge Govt. High School, Kolkata.
• As the part of social outreach program in M.Sc. course, 4th semester, delivered a talk on “Isolation and characterization of thermophilic dye degrading bacteria from colored effluent”, in JayaShree Textile, Rishra Hooghly, India followed by an interactive session in presence of some senior departmental heads -2016.


Article (14)

Bacterial Polysaccharide-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles Photocatalytically Decolorize Azo Dyes
Genomic, morphological, and biochemical analyses of a multi-metal resistant but multi-drug susceptible strain of Bordetella petrii from hospital soil
Journey of natural pigments from ancient antiquity to present: insights on sustainable development
Optimization and Characterization of a Novel Exopolysaccharide from Bacillus haynesii CamB6 for Food Applications
Plant-growth-promoting bacteria from rhizosphere of Chilean common bean ecotype (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) supporting seed germination and growth against salinity stress
Structural, functional, and molecular docking analyses of microbial cutinase enzymes against polyurethane monomers
Temperature-Dependent Structure-Function Properties of Bacterial Xylose Isomerase Enzyme for Food Applications: An In Silico Study
Computational Study on Temperature Driven Structure-Function Relationship of Polysaccharide Producing Bacterial Glycosyl Transferase Enzyme
Decolourisation and Biodegradation of Textile Di-azo Dye Congo Red by Chryseobacterium geocarposphaerae DD3
Extremophilic Exopolysaccharides: Biotechnologies and Wastewater Remediation
High arsenic tolerance in Brevundimonas aurantiaca PFAB1 from an arsenic-rich Indian hot spring
Interdisciplinary Research of Physics in Biological Field Leads the Nobel Prize 2018
Green polymeric nanomaterials for the photocatalytic degradation of dyes: a review
Structural-functional analyses of textile dye degrading azoreductase, laccase and peroxidase: A comparative in silico study



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