Jose Miguel Cardemil Iglesias

Profesor Asociado

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Santiago, Chile

Líneas de Investigación

Energia Solar; Refrigeracion; Exergia; Solar Energy; Energy efficiency; Computational methods


  •  Mechanical Engineering, UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE SANTA CATARINA. Brasil, 2012
  •  Mechanical Engineering, UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE SANTA CATARINA. Chile, 2009
  •  Industrial Engineering, PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA DE CHILE. Chile, 2006

Experiencia Académica

  •   Profesor Asistente Full Time


    Facultad de CIecias Físicas y Matemáticas

    Santiago, Chile

    2016 - 2020

  •   Profesor Asistente Full Time

    Universidad Diego Portales

    Ingeniería y Ciencias

    Santiago, Chile

    2012 - 2016

  •   Profesor Asociado Full Time


    Facultad de Ingeniería

    Santiago, Chile

    2020 - A la fecha

Experiencia Profesional

  •   Research Line Leader Part Time

    Fraunhofer Chile Research

    Santiago, Chile

    2015 - 2016


Article (47)

Assessing the Hybridization of an Existing Geothermal Plant by Coupling a CSP System for Increasing Power Generation
Modelling the Exergy of Solar Radiation: A Review
Techno-economic assessment of carbon-based nanofluid dispersions in solar stills for rural coastal locations in the Northern and Southern hemispheres
Assessing the use of copper slags as thermal energy storage material for packed-bed systems
Experimental investigation and performance assessment of a solar-driven thermoelectric unit for localized heating and cooling applications
Multi-objective optimal design of solar power plants with storage systems according to dispatch strategy
Review on modeling approaches for packed-bed thermal storage systems
Solar extinction map in Chile for applications in solar power tower plants, comparison with other places from sunbelt and impact on LCOE
Thermal analysis of a water source heat pump for space heating using an outdoor pool as a heat source
Analyzing the potential for solar thermal energy utilization in the Chilean copper mining industry
Annual thermoeconomic analysis of a Concentrating Solar Power plus Photovoltaic plus Multi-Effect Distillation plant in northern Chile
Assessment of Deep Learning techniques for Prognosis of solar thermal systems
Assessment of time resolution impact on the modeling of a hybrid CSP-PV plant: A case of study in Chile
Conjugate heat transfer model for feedback control and state estimation in a volumetric solar receiver
Effect of climate conditions on the thermodynamic performance of a data center cooling system under water-side economization
Operation scheduling in a solar thermal system: A reinforcement learning-based framework
About the relevance of particle shape and graphene oxide on the behavior of direct absorption solar collectors using metal based nanofluids under different radiation intensities
Exergy cost and thermoeconomic analysis of a Rankine Cycle plus Multi-Effect Distillation plant considering time-varying conditions
Exergy cost assessment of CSP driven multi-generation schemes=> Integrating seawater desalination, refrigeration, and process heat plants
Reply to "Comment on "Thermodynamic evaluation of solar-geothermal hybrid power plants in northern Chile" [Energy Convers. Manage. 2016;123:348-361] by Cardemil et al"
Comparison of the levelized cost and thermoeconomic methodologies – Cost allocation in a solar polygeneration plant to produce power , desalted water , cooling and process heat
Multi-objective optimization for reducing the auxiliary electric energy peak in low cost solar domestic hot-water heating systems in Brazil
Multi-objective optimization of a solar-assisted heat pump for swimming pool heating using genetic algorithm
Multi-objective optimization of hybrid CSP plus PV system using genetic algorithm
Parametrized analysis of a Carbon Dioxide transcritical Rankine cycle driven by solar energy
Resolution of the cloud enhancement problem for one-minute diffuse radiation prediction
Sensitivity and Effectiveness Analysis of Incentives for Concentrated Solar Power Projects in Chile
Techno-economic evaluation of a hybrid CSP?+?PV plant integrated with thermal energy storage and a large-scale battery energy storage system for base generation
Assessment of solar radiation components in Brazil using the BRL model
CSP plus PV hybrid solar plants for power and water cogeneration in northern Chile
Energy and exergy assessment in a perimeter cooled data center: The value of second law efficiency
Exergy cost decomposition and comparison of integrating seawater desalination plant, refrigeration plant, process heat plant in a concentrated solar power plant
Meteorological assessment and implementation of an air-side free-cooling system for data centers in Chile
Solar polygeneration for electricity production and desalination: Case studies in Venezuela and northern Chile
Thermal analysis of solar-assisted heat pumps for swimming pool heating
Thermoeconomic assessment of a solar polygeneration plant for electricity, water, cooling and heating in high direct normal irradiation conditions
A multivariable optimization of a Brayton power cycle operating with CO2 as working fluid
Assessing the performance of hybrid CSP plus PV plants in northern Chile
Solar Assisted Absorption Machine for the Fermentation Cooling and Maceration Heating Processes in the Winemaking Industry
Thermodynamic evaluation of solar-geothermal hybrid power plants in northern Chile
Estimating the potential for solar energy utilization in Chile by satellite-derived data and ground station measurements
Evaluación de la contribución de los bonos de carbono a la competitividad de las centrales solares de concentración en Chile
Normalized performance optimization of supercritical, CO2-based power cycles
Evaluating Solar Radiation Attenuation Models to Assess the Effects of Climate and Geographical Location on the Heliostat Field Efficiency in Brazil
Solar energy resource assessment in Chile: Satellite estimation and ground station measurements
A general model for evaluation of vapor ejectors performance for application in refrigeration
Cooling of ethanol fermentation process using absorption chillers

BookWhole (1)

Atlas Solar de Chile

ConferencePaper (11)

Cost allocation analysis of a CSP+MED plant considering time-varying conditions
Evaluating different operation modes of a hybrid CSP+PV+TES+BESS plant varying the dispatch priority
Thermoeconomic analysis of a CSP+PV+MED plant in Chile: Assessing the impact of the PV plant integration
Incentives and financial conditions effect analysis on levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and government cost for concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in Chile
Multi-objective optimization of hybrid PTC+PV system using genetic algorithm
Performance assessment of a PTC plant simulated with measured and modeled irradiation data
Techno-economic analysis of a hybrid CSP+PV plant integrated with TES and BESS in Northern Chile
Techno-economic analysis of CSP+PV+MED plant: Electricity and water production for mining industry in Northern Chile
Thermoeconomic assessment of solar-geothermal hybrid plants
Feasibility study of using domestic solar hot water systems as alternative to reduce the electricity peak demand in Brazil
Evaluating solar radiation attenuation models to assess the effects of climate and geographical location on the heliostat field efficiency in Brazil

Proyecto (18)

High-temperature thermal storage for concentrated solar power plants using a packed bed of rocks=> Heat transfer analysis and experimental validation
Desarrollo de un modelo de receptor volumétrico para central de concentración solar de pequeña escala, adaptado a las condiciones locales
Nuevos conceptos de colectores solares para aplicaciones en calor de proceso y refrigeración térmica
Desarrollo de un Prototipo Físico de un Nuevo Motor de Combustión Interna Modelo MM22
Equipo de tratamiento de aguas para la remocion de arsenico mediante nanomateriales y energia solar (SolArsenic)
Laboratory for process technology and advanced thermodynamic cycles for energy conversion
Solar energy Poligeneration in Winemaking Industry
Solar Energy Research Center - SERC Chile
Thermoeconomic optimization of polygeneration processes in concentrated solar power plants=> applications to power generation, process heat, solar cooling and water desalination in northern Chile
Development of a numeric simulation platform for a solar central tower plant
Study on cooling of HCPV cells and its effect on thermal efficiency.
Optimization of the direct sucrose fermentation process for ethanol production
Solar Resource Assessment in Chile
Development of a transient simulation tool to analyze thermal behavior of OPGW wires
Thermal systems simulation and optimization applied to low temperature cogeneration systems for power generation, absorption refrigeration and water desalination
Development of an absorption refrigeration system for alcoholic fermentation

Review (1)

Parametrized overview of CO2 power cycles for different operation conditions and configurations - An absolute and relative performance analysis
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