Timo Arto Sorsa --

Visiting Professor of Oral Biology

Karolinska Institutet

Stockholm, Suecia

Líneas de Investigación

Etipathogenesis of Periodontal Deseases


  •  Dentistry, UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI. Chile, 1989
  •  Dentistry, UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI. Chile, 1982

Experiencia Académica

  •   Full Professor Full Time


    Helsinki, Finlandia

    1981 - A la fecha

Formación de Capital Humano

Completed instructed/supervised Doctoral (PhD) –Thesis:

1. Kimmo Suomalainen, 1993, (DDS, PhD/Periodontology) “Interstitial collagenases in gingival crevicular fluid and saliva in periodontal diseases”; original papers published in: J Periodont Res, Antimicrobial Agenst Chemother, Scand J Dent Res, Oral Microbial Immunol, N Eng J Med (a peer-reviewed research letter with original data to the Editor)
2. Tuula Ingman, 1994, (DDS, PhD/Periodontology); “Neutral proteases in periodontal diseases: functional and immunohistochemical assessment”; original papers published in: J Clin Perio, Oral Microbial Immunol, Scand J Dent Res, J Periodontol
3. Anneli Lauhio, 1995, (MD, PhD/Internal Medicine) “Reactive arthritis studies on new potential infections and effect of long-term lymecycline/doxycycline treatment on matrix metalloproteinase -8”; original papers published in: Arth Rheum, Clin Exp Immunol, Antimicrobial Agents Chemother, British Med J
4. Sepper Ruth, 1997 (MD, PhD/Internal Medicine) ”New aspects to pathogenesis of brochiectasis with special respect to tissue injury”; original papers published in: Chest, J Clin Immunol, Ann Med, Eur Resp J
5. Yanli Ding, 1998, (DDS, PhD/Periodontology) “Regulation of neutrophil collagenases in human inflammatory tissue destruction”; original papers published in: J Clin Perio, Oral Dis, J Dent Res, J Biol Chem
6. Olli Teronen, 1998 (DDS, PhD/Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) “Jaw cyst matrix metalloproteinases and inhibition of MMPs by bisphosphonates”; original papers published in: Eur J Oral Sci, J Oral Pathol Med, J Dent Res, Calcified Tissue Res, US-Patent
7. Bedia Safkan-Seppälä, 2002 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology) “Periodontal disease in insulin-dependent diabetics”; original papers published in: J Clin Periodontol, J Periodontol
8. Kaiu Prikk, 2003 (MD, PhD/Internal Medicine) “Development and progression of tissue injury in chronic inflammatory airway diseases with special reference to matrix metalloproteinases”; original papers published in: J Pathol, APMIS, Ann NY Acad Sci, Ann Med, Lab Invest
9. Jaana Wahlgren, 2003 (DDS, PhD/Oral Pathology) “Matrix metalloproteinases in pulpitis, chronic apical periodontitis and odontogenic jaw cysts”; original papers published in: J Oral Pathol Med, Int J Endodont, J Dent Res, J Pathol
10. Taina Tervahartiala, 2003 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology) “Tumor necrosis factor-? and matrix metalloproteinases in human periodontal tissue destruction”; original papers published in: Scand J Dent Res, J Clin Periodontol, J Dent Res
11. Emma Pirilä, 2003 (PhD/Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Wound Healing accepted with distinction/Laudatur) “Expression and role of matrix metalloproteinases and laminin -5? 2-chain”; original papers published in: Exp Cell Res, Biochem Biophys Res Commun, Curr Med Chem, Wound Rep Reg
12. Pia Nyberg, 15.4.2005, (PhD/Molecular Biology of Oral Cancer) “Matrix degrading proteases and collagen-derived angiogenesis inhibitors in the regulation of carcinoma cell growth”; original papers published in: J Den Res, Exp Cell Res, J Biol Chem
13. Minna Rajamäki, 17.6.2005 (DVM, PhD/Veterinary Internal Medicine) “Tissue inflammation in canine pulmonary eosinophilia with special reference to matrix metalloproteinases”; original papers published in: Am J Vet Res, Vet J, J Vet Intern
14. Merja Ylipalosaari, 28.5.2005 (DDS, PhD/Oral Pathology and Cancer Research) “Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in oral carcinoma”; original papers published in: J Pathol, Exp Cell Res, J Dent Res, Biochemistry
15. Pia Heikkilä, 10.6.2005 (DDS, PhD/Oral Pathology and Cancer Research) “Effects of bisphosphonates and cyclic peptides on matrix metalloproteinases and human cancer growth”; original papers published in: Anti-Cancer Drugs, J Surg Res, Nature Biotechnology
16. Liisa Mellanen, 2.6.2006 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology and Infectious Diseases) “The influence of HIV infection to the periodonticum: a clinical, microbiological and enzymological study”; original papers published in : Oral Dis, Acta Odont Scand, J Oral Pathol Med
17. Päivi Mäntylä, 7.4.2006 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology, “The scientific basis and development of a matrix metalloproteinase-8 specific chair-side test for monitoring of periodontal health and disease from gingival crevicular fluid”; original papers published in: Ann NY Acad Sci, J period Res, Oral Dis
18. Terhi Simonen-Jokinen, 9.6.2006 (DVM, PhD/Veterinary Internal Medicine) “Gelatinases MMP-9 and -2 as indicators of airway inflammation in horses and calves”; original papers published in: Equine Vet J, Vet Immunol Immunopathol. Am J Vet Res
19. Katriina Kostamo, 21.4.2006 (MD, PhD/Otolaryngology) “Microbiological environmental and proteolytic aspects in chronic rhinosinuitis with nasal polyposis”; original papers published in: Rhinology, Indoor Air, Allergy, Laryngoscope
20. Katariina Cederqvist, 1.9.2006 (MD, PhD/Pediatrics) “Matrix metalloproteinases in lung injury in the preterm infant”; original papers published in: Pediatrics, Pediat Res
21. Nina-Li Avellan, 28.3 2008 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology) “Pain-evolved alterations on gingival blood flow and gingival crevicular fluid neuropeptide SP and MMP-8 levels”; original papers published in: J Dent Res, J Periodont Res, Acta Odont Scand
22. Otso Lindy, 23.5.2008 (MD, PhD/Internal Medicine and Periodontology) “Inflammation and tissue destruction in arthritides and periodontal diseases”; original papers published in: Clin Rheumatol, Arth Rheum, Rheum Int, BMC Oral Health
23. Heidi Kuula, 12.6.2009 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology) “Periodontitis and peri-implantitis biomarkers in human oral fluids and null-allele mouse model”; original papers published in: J Clin Periodontol, Arch Oral Biol, J Periodontol, Acta Odont Scand, Infection Immunity
24. Juho Suojanen, 26.6.2009 (DDS, PhD/Molecular Oral Cancer Reasearch); “Studies on matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-2, -9 and -14) and ?2 integrin targeting as potential anticancer therapeutics”; original papers published in: Int J Cancer, Biochemistry, Oral Dis, Anti-Cancer Res
25. Jarkko Korpi, 13.2.2010 (DDS, PhD, molecular oral cancer research); "Collagenase-2 (MMP-8) in tongue squamous cell carsinoma, bone osteosarcoma, and wound repair"; original papers published in Wound Repair Regen, Brit J Cancer, Eur J Oral Sci
26. Arzu Beklen-Tanzer, 9.4.2010 (DDS, PhD/Periodontology); “Characterization of sytokines, matrix metalloproteinases and toll-like receptors in human periodontal tissue destruction"; original papers published in: J Dent Res, Oral Microbial Immunol
27. Matti Laaksonen 14.5.2010 (DDS, PhD, “Molecular oral cancer and periodontal research); "Associations among Emdogain®, human oral carcinoma cell and oral proteolytic enzymes"; original papers published in: Oral Oncol, J Oral Sci, J Periodontol Res
28. Praktisha Pradhan-Palikhe, 7.10. 2011 (DDS, periodontology), “MMPs´/TIMPs as systemic diagnostics of inflammatory and malignant diseases”, 4 articles published in Oral Oncol, Sc J Immunol, Innate Immunity , J Clin Periodontol
29. Marcela Hernandez-Rios, 13.1.2012 (DDS, periodontology), “GCF biomarkers in progression of chronic and apical periodontitis and the expression of potential non-matrix MMP-8 substrates in null allele model”, 4 articles published in J Clin Perio, J Perio, Oral Dis, J Clin Perio, J Periodontal Res
30. Mervi Gursoy, 7.12.12 (DDS periodontology), “Periodontal changes during pregnancy longitudinal clinical, microbiological, immunological study”, 4 articles published in J Clin Perio, Oral Microbiol Immunol, J Periodont Res
31. Suvi-Tuuli Vilen, 31.8.2012, (DDS), “Trypsin-2 MMP cascade in the modulation of tongue carcinoma microinviroment”, 4 articles published in Exp Cell Res, Human Pathol, Cancer Invest

These PhD-thesis works will be published during 2012-13

1. Anne Järvensivu, DDS “Immunological and Molecular Studies of Porphynomonas Gingivalis- and Candida-associated Periodontitis and Mucosal Candidosis”/Oral Microbiology and Periodontology (3 articles published, 1 on-going, review in preparation).
2. Hateem Al-Hakry, DDS, “Immune and proteolytic events associated with oral inflammation and cardio- vascular diseases”, 2 articles/Innate Immunity, Sc J Immunol, 2 article submitted
3. Mikko T Nieminen, DDS, “Candida yeasts and carcinogenic aldehyde in upper digestive track, carcinogenesis”, 3 articles published in Oral Oncol, Int J Cancer, Cancer Epidem Biomark and Prevent, 2 in preparation.
4. Aino M Salminen, DDS, Dipl Eng, “The role of MMP-8 in periodontitis and lipid metabolism”, 2 articles published in Pharmacol Res, Inflam Res and 2 in preparation
5. Abdirisak Ahmed, DDS, “MMPs and their regulation in oral and skin squamous cell carcinoma”, 1 paper published J Oral Pathol Med, 2 in preparation
6. Nilminie Rathnayake, DDS, “Salivary biomarkers – diagnostic potential in oral and systemic diseases”, 2 papers published in J Clin Perio, PlosOne, 2 in preparation.

In addition on-going instruction of 5 additional PhD-works at present at more initial stages.


1. Japreet Kaur: “Periodontal disease: the relationship with psychosocial stress”, 2000, at Helsinki University Inst Dent/ International School for Oral Health and Restorative Dentistry
2. Pirjo Pärnänen: ”Ienkudoksen tyvikalvon laminiini-322 eritys ja hajoituskokeet kuuden eri Candida-hiivasienilajin proteaaseilla. Progradu-study, Dept Biochem, Helsinki University, 2007
3. Aino Salminen: “Processing of apolipoprotein AI by MMPs”, Aalto University, Diplom/Master thesis, 2010.


Supervisor/instructor of 20 completed dental students’s research/advanced studies; of these 12 have been published in medical, dental and biochemical peer-reviewed series: examples:

1. Part of Cand Dent Jaana Helenius’ studies were published in N Eng J Med 23: 133-134, 1990 (a peer-reviewed research Letter to the Editor with original data)
2. Cand Dent Tuula Ingman won student Jens Waerhaug Research Prize in Periodontology (Scan Soc Periodontology-91); her study was published in J Periodontol -92 and Finn Dent J (SHL) -91
3. Cand Med Otso Lindy’s study was published in Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1990
4. Cand Dent Juha Pettilä’s study won the Faculty of Medicine Award/HU -94, and was published in J Oral Pathol Med -94
5. Cand Dent Mathias Stenman’s study was published in Tumor Biology 2003
6. Cand Med, DDS Marjo Kivelä-Rajamäki’s study was published in Clin Oral Impl Res 2003
7. Cand Dent Mervi Latva-Aho’s study was published in Finn Dent J/SHL 2001
8. Cand Dent Suvi-Tuuli Vilen, Fac Med HU stipend 2006 and study was published in Exp Cell Res 2007
9. Cand Dent Leena Lönnrot, 2008
10. Cand Dent Tuuli Nevaste, 2008
11. Cand Dent Krista Hänninen, 2009
12. Cand Dent Jussi Leppilahti, 2009/Pharm Res -11
13. Cand Dent Hanna Hämetoja, 2011
14. Cand Dent Aino M Salminen 2012/Pharm Res -11
15. Cand Med, DDS, Immi Kormi/J Periodont Res -13

- 7 under supervision


1. Juha Talonpoika 1994, Periodontology/Dentistry, Turku University
2. His-Ming Lee 1996, Oral Biology and Pathology/Dentistry, SUNY, NY, USA
3. Tiina Tikka 2001, Experimental Neurology/Medicine, Kuopio University
4. Riina Rautemaa 2001, estimated to be graded as a Laudatur-PhD -thesis by me, Immunology/Molecular Biology, Helsinki University
5. Song-Ping Li 2003, Molecular Cancer Research/Molecular Biology, Turku University
6. Johanna Nikkola 2004, Clinical Cancer Research/Medicine, Turku University
7. Kirsi Joronen, 2005, Molecular Arthritic Research/Medicine, Turku University
8. Pekka Pöllänen, 2005, Molecular MMP-genetics in Cardiology/Medicine, Tampere University
9. Karin Kraft-Neumärker, Point-of-care diagnostics in Periodontics, 2012, Dresden University, Germany

1. Carlos Fiqueredo 1999, member of the opponent group, Periodontology/Dentistry, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2. Mataleena Parikka 2003, Oral Pathology/Dentistry, Oulu University
3. Leticia Miranda 2007, member of the opponent group/Periodontology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Custos of PhD-thesis evaluations:
1. Yanli Ding, DDS, PhD, Periodontology, HU, 1998
2. Pia Heikkilä, DDS, PhD, Molecular Oral Cancer Research, HU, 2005
3. Heidi Kuula DDS, PhD, Periodontology, HU, 12.6.09
4. Juho Suojanen, DDS, PhD, Molecular Oral Cancer Research, HU, 17.6.09
5. Anita Tuomainen, PhD, Biochemistry, HU, 18.9.09
6. Marcela Hernandez Rios, DDS, PhD, Periodontology, HU, 13.1.12
7. Suvi-Tuuli vilen, DDS, PhD, Molecular Oral Cancer research, HU, 31.8.2012

Professorships (Dean-ship):
1. Nungwaram Ramamurthy 1993, Research in Oral Biology and Pathology, SUNY, NY, USA
2. Sanfor Simon 1995, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, SUNY, NY, USA
3. Rauno Joks 2003, Internal Medicine, SUNY, NY, USA
4. Maria E. Ryan 2004, Oral Biology and Pathology/Dentistry, SUNY, NY, USA
5. Hsi-Ming Lee 2004, Research in Oral Biology and Pathology/Dentistry, SUNY, NY, USA
6. Jorge Gamonal, 2010, Dean, Faculty of Odontology, Univ Chile, Santiago, Chile


1. DDS, PhD Tiina Kainulainen (Graduate School of Oulu University, instructor Prof Tuula Salo) /completed
2. PhD Risto Ala-Aho (Graduate School of Turku University, instructor Prof Veli-Matti Kähäri) /completed
3. MSc Terhi Kotilainen (Graduate School of Viikki Campus, Helsinki University, instructor Docent Erkki Koivunen) /on-going 2005-

Scientific competence to Professor of Periodontology and Oral Biology:

1. Periodontology/University of Pennsylvania, School of Dentistry, Pennsylvania, USA, November 1989
2. Oral Biology/University of Turku, Finland, March 1992
3. Periodontology/Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA, November 1996
4. Associate Adjunctive Professor in Oral Biology, Dept Oral Pathol & Biol, Sch Dent Med, SONY, Stony Brook, NY, USA, 1996-
5. Oral Biology and Periodontics/Helsinki University, Finland, November 1999
6. Applicant/Candidate of Inst Dent to the Pool-Professorship of Helsinki University, Faculty of Medicine, 2002, 2003, 2004
7. Periodontology, University of Turku, Finland, Sept 2006 (position 1)
8. Periodontology, University of Oulu, Finland, Nov 2012 (position 1)


Article (6)

Collagenase-2 (MMP-8) as a point-of-care biomarker in periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases. Therapeutic response to non-antimicrobial properties of tetracyclines
Oral rinse MMP-8 point-of-care immuno test identifies patients with strong periodontal inflammatory burden
Reduced expression of lipopolysaccharide-induced CXC chemokine in Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced experimental periodontitis in matrix metalloproteinase-8 null mice
Associations Between Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 and -14 and Myeloperoxidase in Gingival Crevicular Fluid From Subjects With Progressive Chronic Periodontitis: A Longitudinal Study
Detection of gingival crevicular fluid MMP-8 levels with different laboratory and chair-side methods
Proteolytic roles of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-13 during progression of chronic periodontitis: initial evidence for MMP-13/MMP-9 activation cascade

Letter (1)

MMP activation in diagnostics of periodontitis and systemic inflammation

Review (2)

Análisis de MMPs en fluidos orales en el diagnóstico complementario de las enfermedades periodontales
Host-Pathogen Interactions in Progressive Chronic Periodontitis
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