Antonio Sureda Gomila


Universidad de las Islas Baleares

Palma, España

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Nutrición, Estrés oxidativo, inflamación, antioxidantes, ejercicio físico, obesidad, síndrome metabólico, envejecimiento, ecotoxicología


  •  Bioquímica, UNIVERSIDAD ISLAS BALEARES. España, 2005

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    Palma, España

    2011 - A la fecha


Article (156)

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of rhizome aqueous extract of sea holly (Eryngium maritimum L.) on Jurkat cells
Antiviral and antibacterial properties of phloroglucinols: a review on naturally occurring and (semi)synthetic derivatives with potential therapeutic interest
Oxidative stress and behavioral responses of moorish geckos (Tarentola mauritanica) submitted to the presence of an introduced potential predator (Hemorrhois hippocrepis)
Polyunsaturated and Saturated Oxylipin Plasma Levels Allow Monitoring the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Progression to Severe Stages
The International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce (INPST) and the power of Twitter networking exemplified through #INPST hashtag analysis
A Greater Improvement of Intrahepatic Fat Contents after 6 Months of Lifestyle Intervention Is Related to a Better Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Status in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
A perspective on the applications of furin inhibitors for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2
Dapsone reduced cuprizone-induced demyelination via targeting Nrf2 and IKB in C57BL/6 mice
Effect of petroleum wastewater treated with gravity separation and magnetite nanoparticles adsorption methods on the blood biochemical response of mrigal fish (Cirrhinus cirrhosus)
Effects of 2-Year Nutritional and Lifestyle Intervention on Oxidative and Inflammatory Statuses in Individuals of 55 Years of Age and over at High Cardiovascular Risk
Effects of Human Activity on Markers of Oxidative Stress in the Intestine of Holothuria tubulosa, with Special Reference to the Presence of Microplastics
Effects of pollutants and microplastics ingestion on oxidative stress and monoaminergic activity of seabream brains
Efficacy and safety of low dose oral ketamine for controlling pain and distress during intravenous cannulation in children: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial
Evaluating the Presence of Marine Litter in Cetaceans Stranded in the Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean Sea)
First detection of microplastics in Xyrichtys novacula (Linnaeus 1758) digestive tract from Eivissa Island (Western Mediterranean)
Increased Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet after Lifestyle Intervention Improves Oxidative and Inflammatory Status in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Inflammatory and Oxidative Stress Markers Related to Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome
Ingestion and characterization of plastic debris by loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta caretta, in the Balearic Islands
Microplastic presence in the pelagic fish, Seriola dumerili, from Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean), and assessment of oxidative stress and detoxification biomarkers in liver
Neurohormetic phytochemicals in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases
New Visions on Natural Products and Cancer Therapy: Autophagy and Related Regulatory Pathways
Nitric Oxide and Immune Responses in Cancer: Searching for New Therapeutic Strategies
Pharmacological Properties of Bergapten: Mechanistic and Therapeutic Aspects
Pharmacology of COVID-19
Pharmacotherapy consideration of thrombolytic medications in COVID-19-associated ARDS
Propolis: An update on its chemistry and pharmacological applications
Protective effect of protexin concentrate in reducing the toxicity of chlorpyrifos in common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Recent advances in the therapeutic potential of emodin for human health
Regulation of DAPK1 by Natural Products: An Important Target in Treatment of Stroke
Role of natural mTOR inhibitors in treatment of diabetes mellitus
Species-specific heavy metal concentrations of tuna species: the case of Thunnus alalunga and Katsuwonus pelamis in the Western Mediterranean
Targeting PI3K by Natural Products: A Potential Therapeutic Strategy for Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
The Role of Natural Products in Treatment of Depressive Disorder
5-Dodecanolide, a Compound Isolated from Pig Lard, Presents Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Albuminuria Is Associated with Hepatic Iron Load in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome
An Update of Anthraquinone Derivatives Emodin, Diacerein, and Catenarin in Diabetes
Animal Fat Intake Is Associated with Albuminuria in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Metabolic Syndrome
Antitumor Effects of Triterpenes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Aromatic hydrocarbon receptors in mitochondrial biogenesis and function
Assessment of the effect of long-term exposure to microplastics and depuration period in Sparus aurata Linnaeus, 1758: Liver and blood biomarkers
Association between coffee consumption and total dietary caffeine intake with cognitive functioning: cross-sectional assessment in an elderly Mediterranean population
Dietary Sodium Nitrate Activates Antioxidant and Mitochondrial Dynamics Genes after Moderate Intensity Acute Exercise in Metabolic Syndrome Patients
Effect of ozonated water and chlorhexidine mouthwash on oral health in critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation: A double-blind randomised clinical trial
Effects of microplastic exposure on the blood biochemical parameters in the pond turtle (Emys orbicularis)
Energy Expenditure Improved Risk Factors Associated with Renal Function Loss in NAFLD and MetS Patients
Epigenetic targeting of cancer stem cells by polyphenols (cancer stem cells targeting)
Ex Vivo Study on the Antioxidant Activity of a Winemaking By-Product Polyphenolic Extract (Taurisolo(R) on Human Neutrophils
Experimental evidence of physiological and behavioral effects of microplastic ingestion in Spurns aurata
Genotoxicity, oxidative stress, and biochemical biomarkers of exposure to green synthesized cadmium nanoparticles in Oreochromis niloticus (L.)
Heliotropium indicum L.: From Farm to a Source of Bioactive Compounds with Therapeutic Activity
Hepatoprotective Effects of Resveratrol in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Live Disease
Hypotensive Effects of the Triterpene Oleanolic Acid for Cardiovascular Prevention
Long-term exposure to virgin and seawater exposed microplastic enriched-diet causes liver oxidative stress and inflammation in gilthead seabream Spans aurata, Linnaeus 1758
Microplastic intake and enzymatic responses in Mytilus galloprovincialis reared at the vicinities of an aquaculture station
New Trends in the Pharmacological Intervention of PPARs in Obesity: Role of Natural and Synthetic Compounds
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Is Associated with Kidney Glomerular Hyperfiltration in Adults with Metabolic Syndrome
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Oxidative Stress and Plasma Inflammatory Biomarkers in Adults with Normal Weight, Overweight and Obesity
Physiological biomarkers in loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) as a tool for monitoring sanitary evolution in marine recovery centres
Polycystic ovary syndrome and cardiovascular risk. Could trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) be a major player? A potential upgrade forward in the DOGMA theory
Role of natural products for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Systematic review: Effectiveness of herbal oral care products on ventilator-associated pneumonia
Targeting epigenetics in cancer: therapeutic potential of flavonoids
Targeting Xanthine Oxidase by Natural Products as a Therapeutic Approach for Mental Disorders
The neuroprotective effects of polyphenols, their role in innate immunity and the interplay with the microbiota
The Protective Roles and Molecular Mechanisms of Troxerutin (Vitamin P4) for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases: A Mechanistic Review
Trifluoperazine reduces cuprizone-induced demyelination via targeting Nrf2 and IKB in mice
Almonds (Prunus Dulcis Mill. D. A. Webb): A Source of Nutrients and Health-Promoting Compounds
Anti-cancer effects of polyphenols via targeting p53 signaling pathway: updates and future directions
Antioxidant response of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus to pollution and the invasive algae Lophocladia lallemandii
Association between dairy product consumption and hyperuricemia in an elderly population with metabolic syndrome
Calorie Restriction Improves Physical Performance and Modulates the Antioxidant and Inflammatory Responses to Acute Exercise
Combined effects of exposure to sub-lethal concentration of the insecticide chlorpyrifos and the herbicide glyphosate on the biochemical changes in the freshwater crayfish Pontastacus leptodactylus
Curcumin, the golden spice in treating cardiovascular diseases
Effect of Free Fatty Acids on Inflammatory Gene Expression and Hydrogen Peroxide Production by Ex Vivo Blood Mononuclear Cells
Endoplasmic reticulum as a potential therapeutic target for covid-19 infection management?
Enriched environments enhance cognition, exploratory behaviour and brain physiological functions of Sparus aurata
Evaluation of keratin biomaterial containing silver nanoparticles as a potential wound dressing in full-thickness skin wound model in diabetic mice
Evaluation of the effects of metformin administration on morphine tolerance in mice
Evaluation of thestatus quoof polyphenols analysis: Part I-phytochemistry, bioactivity, interactions, and industrial uses
First report of heavy metal presence in muscular tissue of loggerhead turtlesCaretta caretta(Linnaeus, 1758) from the Balearic Sea (Balearic Islands, Spain)
Genotoxicity and oxidative damage in zebrafish (Danio rerio) after exposure to effluent from ethyl alcohol industry
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and SARS-CoV-2 mortality: Is there a link and what should we do?
Grape Polyphenols Ameliorate Muscle Decline Reducing Oxidative Stress and Oxidative Damage in Aged Rats
Hypersaline water from desalinization plants causes oxidative damage in Posidonia oceanica meadows
Long-term exposure to microplastics induces oxidative stress and a pro-inflammatory response in the gut of Sparus aurata Linnaeus, 1758
Metabolic Syndrome Is Associated with Oxidative Stress and Proinflammatory State
Microencapsulation as a tool to counteract the typical low bioavailability of polyphenols in the management of diabetes
Natural products, PGC-1 alpha, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Oral Administration of Sodium Nitrate to Metabolic Syndrome Patients Attenuates Mild Inflammatory and Oxidative Responses to Acute Exercise
Oral microbiota and Alzheimer's disease: Do all roads lead to Rome?
Oxidative Stress and Pro-Inflammatory Status in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Perkinsus mediterraneus infection induces oxidative stress in the mollusc Mimachlamys varia
Reduced Antioxidant Response of the Fan Mussel Pinna nobilis Related to the Presence of Haplosporidium pinnae
Should we try the antiinflammatory natural product, celastrol, for COVID-19?
Simultaneous analysis of saturated and unsaturated oxylipins in 'ex vivo' cultured peripheral blood mononuclear cells and neutrophils
The role of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta in multiple sclerosis
Therapeutic potential of polyphenols in cardiovascular diseases: Regulation of mTOR signaling pathway
Antidiabetic potential of medicinal plants and their active components
Antioxidant Defenses in Wild Growing Halophyte Crithmum maritimum from Inland and Coastline Populations
Berberine in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: From Mechanisms to Therapeutics
Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors as a Therapeutic Target in Inflammatory Diseases
Evaluation of single and combined effects of cadmium and micro-plastic particles on biochemical and immunological parameters of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)
Fatty acids and elemental composition as biomarkers of Octopus vulgaris populations: Does origin matter?
Flavonoids nanoparticles in cancer: Treatment, prevention and clinical prospects
How efficient is resveratrol as an antioxidant of the Mediterranean diet, towards alterations during the aging process?
Natural flavonoids for the prevention of colon cancer: A comprehensive review of preclinical and clinical studies
Neuroprotective Effects of Flavonoid Compounds on Neuronal Death Associated to Alzheimer's Disease
Oxidative stress induction by the invasive sponge Paraleucilla magna growing on Peyssonnelia squamaria algae
Phosphodiesterase inhibitors say NO to Alzheimer's disease
Polyphenols in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Rutin as Neuroprotective Agent: From Bench to Bedside
Selenium protection against mercury toxicity on the male reproductive system of Clarias gariepinus
Sub-lethal effects of dimethoate alone and in combination with cadmium on biochemical parameters in freshwater snail, Galba truncatula
Targeting Hedgehog signaling pathway: Paving the road for cancer therapy
Therapeutic Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen in the Process of Wound Healing
Acute exposure to sunscreen containing titanium induces an adaptive response and oxidative stress in Mytillus galloprovincialis
Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Inflammatory Markers
Antioxidants: Positive or Negative Actors?
Association between Physical Condition and Body Composition, Nutrient Intake, Sociodemographic Characteristics, and Lifestyle Habits in Older Spanish Adults
Biomarkers of physiological responses of Octopus vulgaris to different coastal environments in the western Mediterranean Sea
Calorie restriction regime enhances physical performance of trained athletes
Current standing of plant derived flavonoids as an antidepressant
Effects of Millimolar Steady-State Hydrogen Peroxide Exposure on Inflammatory and Redox Gene Expression in Immune Cells from Humans with Metabolic Syndrome
Erythrocytes and Skeletal Muscle Unsaturated and Omega-6 Fatty Acids Are Positively Correlated after Caloric Restriction and Exercise
Matricaria genus as a source of antimicrobial agents: From farm to pharmacy and food applications
Microplastic in marine organism: Environmental and toxicological effects
Naringenin and its Nano-Formulations for Fatty Liver: Cellular Modes of Action and Clinical Perspective
Nrf2 as regulator of innate immunity: A molecular Swiss army knife!
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Antioxidant Adaptations to Regular Physical Activity in Elderly People
Plants of Genus Mentha: From Farm to Food Factory
Recent advances in the search for novel 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors for the treatment of asthma
Regular Practice of Moderate Physical Activity by Older Adults Ameliorates Their Anti-Inflammatory Status
Resolvins as proresolving inflammatory mediators in cardiovascular disease
Targeting activator protein 1 signaling pathway by bioactive natural agents: Possible therapeutic strategy for cancer prevention and intervention
Targeting ubiquitin-proteasome pathway by natural, in particular polyphenols, anticancer agents: Lessons learned from clinical trials
The water extract of tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum L.) red berries exerts antidepressive-like effects and in vivo antioxidant activity in a mouse model of post-stroke depression
Biological Activities of Essential Oils: From Plant Chemoecology to Traditional Healing Systems
Cardioprotective Effects of the Polyphenol Hydroxytyrosol from Olive Oil
Flavonoids and platelet aggregation: A brief review
Microplastic ingestion by Mullus surmuletus Linnaeus, 1758 fish and its potential for causing oxidative stress
Neuroprotective Effects of Ellagitannins: A Brief Review
Neuroprotective effects of honokiol: from chemistry to medicine
Oleanolic Acid Alters Multiple Cell Signaling Pathways: Implication in Cancer Prevention and Therapy
Oleuropein and Cancer Chemoprevention: The Link is Hot
Oxidative stress response in the seagrass Posidonia oceanica and the seaweed Dasycladus vermicularis associated to the invasive tropical green seaweed Halimeda incrassata
Trace element contents in toenails are related to regular physical activity in older adults
Training and acute exercise modulates mitochondrial dynamics in football players' blood mononuclear cells
Antioxidant Response of Chronic Wounds to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Conjugated linoleic acid rat pretreatment reduces renal damage in ischemia/reperfusion injury: Unraveling antiapoptotic mechanisms and regulation of phosphorylated mammalian target of rapamycin
Effects of Almond- and Olive Oil-Based Docosahexaenoic- and Vitamin E-Enriched Beverage Dietary Supplementation on Inflammation Associated to Exercise and Age.
Effects of dietary almond- and olive oil-based docosahexaenoic acid- and vitamin E-enriched beverage supplementation on athletic performance and oxidative stress markers
Invasive predator snake induces oxidative stress responses in insular amphibian species
Mediterranean diets supplemented with virgin olive oil and nuts enhance plasmatic antioxidant capabilities and decrease xanthine oxidase activity in people with metabolic syndrome: The PREDIMED study
Serum Lipid Profile, Prevalence of Dyslipidaemia, and Associated Risk Factors Among Northern Mexican Adolescents
Training Enhances Immune Cells Mitochondrial Biosynthesis, Fission, Fusion, and Their Antioxidant Capabilities Synergistically with Dietary Docosahexaenoic Supplementation
Docosahexanoic acid diet supplementation attenuates the peripheral mononuclear cell inflammatory response to exercise following LPS activation

BookSection (3)

Skin metabolic syndrome and phytonutrients The role of phytonutrients in metabolic disorders
Hepatoprotective activity of natural compounds and plant extracts in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Minerals (Namely Selenium) and Cancer Nutraceuticals and Cancer Signaling

Patent (1)

Composición farmacéutica que comprende 5-Dodecanolida, su preparación y su uso

Proyecto (12)

Empowering healthy lifestyle behaviour through personalised intervention portfolios to prevent and control obesity during vulnerable stages of life (HealthyW8)
Efectos de una intervención nutricional sobre el estado oxidativo e inflamatorio en personas con síndrome metabólico
Plataformas analíticas fluídicas para evaluar la exposición humana y ambiental a contaminantes emergentes (AQUASOMIC)
PREDIMED+DM - Efecto de una pérdida de peso con dieta mediterránea hipocalórica y promoción de la actividad física en la prevención de diabetes tipo 2 en personas con síndrome metabólico
Caracterización nutricional, metabólica y epigenética de las neoplasias malignas de células B de nuevo diagnóstico
Lifestyle Interventions and Chronic Kidney Disease: Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Metabolomic Profile
PREDIMED+DM: Efecto de una pérdida de peso con dieta mediterránea hipocalórica y promoción de la actividad física en la prevención de diabetes tipo 2 en personas con sídrome metabólico
Validation of a fast lipidomic index to monitor the intake of ω-3 fatty acids in the body and its application in nutritional follow-up
Personalized nutrition in aging society: redox control of major age-related diseases
Prevención y reversión de la enfermedad de hígado graso no alcohólico (NAFLD) entre pacientes obesos mediante intervención nutricional y de actividad física personalizada.
PREDIMED+DM: Efecto de una dieta mediterránea hipocalórica y promoción de la actividad física en prevención de diabetes tipo 2 en personas con síndrome metabólico

Review (7)

Novel therapeutic strategies for stroke: The role of autophagy
Targeting STATs in neuroinflammation: The road less traveled!
Potential Anti-inflammatory Effects of Hesperidin from the Genus Citrus
Regulation of autophagy by polyphenols: Paving the road for treatment of neurodegeneration
Targeting mTORs by omega-3 fatty acids: A possible novel therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration?
Coumarin and Derivates as Lipid Lowering Agents
Potential Therapeutic Effects of Oleuropein Aglycone in Alzheimer's Disease
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